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    Supernatural, Anything The behemoth related, cats, doctor who, minecraft, plants vs. zombies, some other things but I will not name because it would take a while
  1. Dude, They just rereleased Winston, just play furbottom's features, and after that play the finale for Cat control
  2. Dude, chill, just make sure you learn to read ALL NEW POSTS before posting. I just have your best interests at heart, as some people can be pretty strict about this. Ok, Thank you so much!!!
  3. It said Cybermonday was 9 out of 10 fir rareness and lava lamp was 8 out of 10. So blame Hazard for making the star head rareness guide
  4. So I wanted to know what all your Favorite games by the behemoth are. So I set up this Poll to figure out Enjoy the Poll
  5. I'll give you 20 yarn for BOOM!!! my gamertag is BlueKnight000 thanks!!! Myeahh see!!!!! I'm a cat see!!
  6. Hi I'm looking for all the animal orbs so if anyone has finished the game could you play with me on tuesday at 5:00 so I can get all these guys some of them I already have. And the ???'s name is Dragon head. I have all the DLC. And I have Battleblock Theater so I have Golden whale and Hatty My Gamertag is BlueKnight000
  7. Can I have the key sword thanks I want animal orbs
  8. You're my favorite user Thanks for being so cool- The Cat of battleblock
  9. I have to agree with him, but you will never know. they just rereleased Winston
  10. One, thanks for noticing the big bold text about this being temporarily (Haha, it's been a while... ) closed Two, though you saw the text of closure, you missed the rule against preorders... Sorry, but I can't honor this. Also, it's only one at a time. Can I try again? If so can I have The king my gt is Blueknight000 and I'll pay you yarn and I'll be on tuesday at 5:00 thanks if you will let me try again? also I'm sorry for breaking the rules again I'm really sorry