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  1. ^^; Ha, thank you! I'll say, it doesn't come easy! You've gotta make it your life goal, and hammer away at it mercilessly, for years and years and years. And I still have years and years and years to go ><.
  2. I'm glad you care! And thank you! Yeah, I actually ended up joining a programmer on a very promising project- we're making a TRPG, and making huge strides in progress. So, my side projects like goofing around here, making sketches and animations, had to go away for a while.
  3. Looks like you're getting better, PotatoFarm! Good stuff! That MC definitely looks like you put some care into it! So, you're using Flash, to draw?? With a mouse? Have you tried using the PEN tool? It lets you click to designate 'points', make the whole shape like a connect the dots drawing, then pull the 'handles' on each 'dot' (bezier curve) to shape the lines into curves. By doing this, you can use only a mouse, and make some really fine illustrations!
  4. Now it is a battle of who's Cheif is better Whoa heya, whoa whoa whoa, now. Let's not start pitting folks against eachother for our own personal gain, here! Especially since I get really competitive... when I know I can win, lol. And I'm busy making a game, atm, so my services, which can usually be bought, would be a bit more difficult to attain, for the time being. XP
  5. Those are so boss. Love the female knight! Pretty nifty factoid that she uses FF7's model!
  6. Thank you! And I just saw your miniatures- awesome!! Here's some quick fun fan character sketches!
  7. His magic attack is a maple syrup bottle!! Animation:
  8. Heh, no. Texas, but always wanted to move to Washington or Oregon, because of the rain- I love rain, and Texas is way too hot! The reason I did Canadian Knight- I actually was trying to do Red Knight, and while doing the face (helmet) paint, thought how simple it'd be to change it to a maple leaf, and went from there! Maybe, for fun, I'll just do a bunch of quick character ideas (rough) and post them.
  9. There's the walk animation!! (Or not! Can't seem to attach them here??) LINKS! Walk: Idle:
  10. So, I was exploring my style, and animation, and decided that CC would be the best way to start! I'm REALLY pleased with how this first trial came out!! I'm looking to animate it this coming week- might have to get something like Spine 2d (I have flash, but I like how Spine uses a bone system, since I have some 3d experience, it makes sense to me). Keep an eye out- if all goes well, I'll be bringing an animation or two in here! (And then I'll be looking for someone who knows Unity, so we can make some games in this style!) So, what do you all think of the Canadian Knight design?! (If you want to follow my art, I'm on Deviant Art- !) LINKS! Walk: Idle: Syrup Magic:
  11. HAHAHA! I love it! My daughter has me watching this movie on a loop, but seeing this art will give me something to focus on! I'll now stare into space, thinking of all the ways Castle Crashers can fit into the movie! Thanks for that, hahaha!
  12. There are some really cool little design choices here! The designs on the helmets are fantastic, and the shape language on the two unique helmets (bottom) is great!