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  1. Why are host privileges like kicking people taken out of playing online in CCRM? Its super frustrating when someone won't leave the party with a super high or super low level character or has a terrible connection. Its also crummy that two people can come in and essentially force the person to start the party by accepting both of their characters and starting the countdown. These are some of the weirdest rules in a current online game. I feel like the party option wasn't even thought about when remastering the game because I thought I was able to kick people in the old game.
  2. The chainsaw no longer has an animation. Bt the cattle prod still does, so I'm not sure why that was taken out.
  3. I still need the 2x4 sword. Would anyone be willing to trade it with me?
  4. I do not have the 2×4 sword. Is there anyway I could get help obtaining it?