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  1. Yep it's there! From the trailer description: • Weapon switching! Players can now switch between a primary and secondary weapon in game! • New Cat Guard enemies throughout Story Mode. • Steam Workshop integration for sharing user created levels. • Steam Inventory integration for trading! (This allows users to trade and sell weapons, prisoners, gems and yarn via Steam.) • X input, Direct Input, and Keyboard/Mouse support.
  2. I was analyzing the trailer and in the level creator part it appears that guard cats are separate enemies from the normal cats in 360 version. Why is he yellow? I DON'T KNOW! Also maybe it appears that the guard cats will only throw up the explody things and balls. That yellow is from the RGB chromatic aberration filter I threw on the footage to make it more "extreme"
  3. YESSSSSS, MAKE MORE LEVELS! Glad people liked the trailer, this was seriously one of the most fun to make
  4. The Behemoth said on Twitter that it'll be up for at least a week!
  5. I played the solo playlist tonight. It was SUPER fun. A friend of mine was telling me to play the solo playlist because of how brutal it was at times. I think I want to go back and make sure to get all the gems and yarn in the solo because of how well designed the levels were. I could really tell that you really spent a lot of time understanding what was just at the outer limit of possible with BBT's platforming. Really stretched the limits of what could be done, made you think and even put in some new ideas like the poison bubbles on the ground and the rock activating the buttons. My favorite community created solo Furbottom feature so far. LOVED IT. A++!! I also played the co-op levels which were also very very good. A++s all around
  6. GMT time it'll be 10:00PM Thursday to 12:00AM Friday. Bring it on!!!
  7. There's a lot to master in Ball game, for example knowing the exact spots in each map where shooting the ball from a standing position will get it in the basket. Also knowing the spots where a bounce from a spike will result in a basket. Plus knowing with to dunk, shoot, drop the ball or use the pass button instead of the shoot button when you're in the air. As for weapons learning how to spike, kick, slide kick, uppercut and up-shove grenades is very helpful, as is learning to spike poison bubbles away. Same goes for mines, planes etc. More than anything though is getting really good at the platforming controls. The air control lets you do pretty much anything you could possibly want to do, so once you can perfectly land on a guy's head so that you'll get the ball and then bounce on his head all the way to the goal is a great skill to learn. If you're really good at the controls then you'll be able to dodge things like crazy
  8. If the titanic was lets say 1912 then 2100 would only be 200 years and he said for thousandS(plural). This would mean the minim years is 2 thousand. That would be 3912. Oop haha. Derp. MATH!
  9. If on were to assume that the theater was founded around the time of the Titanic, then in the Chapter 4 cutscene the narrator says "for thousands of years Purrham's passed from head to head..." So that would mean current day rundown BBT is at least in the year 2100 Of course the year it was founded is roughly 17...0...50...9
  10. I'm not part of the design team so I have no idea why the limitations are there, but this is great info that would be awesome to have on the BattleBlock Battlepedia wiki
  11. Gamefemale is correct, an NDA isn't the same as an embargo which is just a date after which stuff can be released. So you CANNOT discuss the beta now or ever.
  12. Dang, that sounds like some high level play, I'll have to try it Right now I feel like I need to try some weapons other than the boomerang because I'm sure there're tons of great ways to use the other weapons too. Maybe I'll try dart or paper plane next.
  13. The best way of course is to have your team mate slide kick them out of the way. My strategy is usually to jump around them like a crazy person until I see juuuuuust enough open net to slip it past them. Sometimes even I'm surprised when it goes in
  14. I think technically he was underpooping and died trying to hold it in