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  1. There's no need to correct somebody who's not around any more. Especially when the posts being corrected are more than a month old. Now can you guys please get back on topic? Remember, if you don't have anything relevant or on-topic to post, then don't post it. Thank you for this.
  2. I... we need a living gem. Please Y'Know if you want to..
  3. lel this argument got out of hand so fast
  4. AAAAG, i knew you were a girl, i just keep on forgetting!
  5. he has said before that he doesnt really know what alien hominid looks like, but he may still be able to do it. just a heads up.
  6. Don't forget "So your friends a vegtable, but thats ok, because you know what they say when life gives you potatoes, make potato salad, and ive got just the right tune HIT IT! (buka ur pants)"
  7. Pickles is actually a girl but I agree, her art is thow bomb whoops. Also, pickles if you wouldnt mind, can you please review a cat guard i drew?
  8. Dude, no one wants 3 notifications for you quoting posts from a year ago. sorry. i was just scrolling through some of his old art
  9. i know this is a three post in a row, but wanna say again, luv your work, and that i was born in year of the horse so i wanna hug this art!
  10. OMG I LOVE YOU! THIS IS MY FAVORITE HEAD! sorry about all caps but i wuz all happy n stuff
  11. Hey, i dont know if you are doing art or not but if you are, could you do a gif with hatty hugging a cat guard, or if you dont do gifs, could you do a drawing of hatty hugging a cat guard? thanks a LOT if you can.