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  1. hattyhattington1312

    What We Want In Pit People

    NO, XBONE 4 LIFE!!! Pfft console peasants. umm. some consoles are good... i personally have the ps4 and the xbox 1,(keep in mind they are good consoles) but i like the controls of the computer better. also i would like to point out that this has gone off topic.
  2. hattyhattington1312

    What We Want In Pit People

    already done it looks like I want: IT ON XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!! I want it on the computer. I like to have all of my games on the convenience of steam.
  3. I have GOT to enter this. (sorry for posting in different posts. just doing that while looking through the forum.) see you guys in the forums!
  4. That looks REALLY good. The competition IS gonna be REALLY TOUGH!
  5. About that... what if we want to enter but don't care for the prizes? Always care for the prizes... They be BEHEMOTHY THINGS WHY WOULD YOU NOT CARE FOR BEHEMOTHY THINGAMAJIGGERS!!!!??????
  6. hattyhattington1312

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Haii! My name is tristan and i started writing on the forum about 2 weeks ago and haven't done much except for look for some peeps to forum with and stick with... kind of like a clan. EDIT: also I like the necromaner, hatty, and the alien hominid in CC! fave animal orb= golden whale.
  7. hattyhattington1312

    Pickles Draws Things

    your art style is really cool and i have been using photoshop element 10 for alot of my fan art but i was wondering if you could do a sort of necromancer with hatty or something? If you could it would be greatly appreciated!
  8. hattyhattington1312

    The Anime & Manga Club~

    my fave anime is Sword Art Online.
  9. I am a good artist if you need expertise in that area. XD
  10. hattyhattington1312

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    I have every weapon on cc. including the alien hominid pack and the can't stop crying dlc. my steam user is tristarded. this is on pc btw.