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  1. Hey jerk, "for xbox" what about steam edition & Playstation? Also if they add in more content it should be there own ideas.. Not yours.
  2. Because what's the point of leaderboards if they aren't even accurate.
  3. Anyone who is clearly hacking to reach the leaderboards should get perm banned from being on the leaderboards and if they wanted to do it again they would have to buy castle crashers again on another account to get on the leaderboards meaning more money for behemoth.. Clean up your leaderboards it's super obvious who is cheating !
  4. Yeah steam players can boost from level 1 to 99 instantly with the cheat engine download. Basically it changes numerical values on programs running on your computer. So you change your xp value to something very high and your character instantly has any amount of xp you want it to be. So the highscores is full of players who enter the highest number possible for the game to handle. Click the underlined word "highscores" for a picture of the steam top 200 players, they all have 2,147,483,647 xp. That's just the top 200, there is very many more players than that who are over 2 Billion aswell. Steve for example is over 2 Billion xp as you saw on the highscores picture, now look at this link below to see his in game hours played.
  5. I don't like how steam players could use a cheat engine download from the internet to get infinite potions or make their weapon 1 hit kill anything on insane mode. Fake their way to gold skulls. That's why I'd like a rollback on everyones character list because alot of people cheated to level 99. Then they think they are badass because they have a level 99 with no skull.. I don't like them having a false sense of accomplishment. They literally feel good because they fool all the new players into thinking they are awesome. When infact a veteran can look and tell they are complete garbage with a lv 99 non skulled character.
  6. So I have a few questions I would like to be answered if at all possible. Will you guys be preventing hackers from ruining the leaderboards on the new edition ? Also are you guys going to rollback character save data ? To remove the hacked / cheated character lists people achieved ? Will you guys rollback the leaderboards to make it an actual competitive achievement to accomplish ranks on the leaderboards ? It's something that always upset me about the game.. I worked so very hard to get gold skulls & alot of experience on a character to increase rank but it was always full of hackers on the top of the board... If you guys do infact fix the hacking & leaderboards will you guys take action when the same problem springs up again ? Because I assume hackers will find their way back to hacking the game eventually. Please don't give up on us over on steam There is many of us who love every aspect of the game and even the leaderboards needs attention too !
  7. Finally, thanks for the advice. I would of loved to use picture instead of link from the beginning. You rock Sushigummy ! Now someone please help take a picture of xbox and ps3 leaderboards arena ? I WOULD LOVE YOU
  8. I still want the ps3 and Xbox 360 Arena front page leaderboards.. The piclair is an application i have on my computer that as soon as i screenshot it uploads it to the site at the exact same time giving a link. So i can share a screenshot with another player at the same moment i decide to. As for the advertisement for hot singles, I'm sure we can all just get over it I mean it's the internet. I'm sure you willingly let yourself see worse stuff than that for pleasure means. ( I WENT THERE ) I dont care if its a picture taken with your phone. I would much appreciate a current arena leaderboard's pic !
  9. Sounds like you sir have a virus, and I am not linking a porn site. It's a picture of steam arena leaderbords.. Anyway I wouldnt have to use links if i was allowed to post pictures. Can someone please get me an image of the current first page arena leaderboards for xbox and ps3 ! Thanks !
  10. I want to get a collected gathering of arena leaderboard for all castle crashers consoles. So If any xbox 360 or ps3 players could help I would be very grateful ! Want to see if any player can get a hold of current front page for arena on xbox and ps3. I already have a picture of steam. Here's an example
  11. 1. Blue Knight 2. Iceskimo 3. Thief 4. Barbarian Pc Steam edition. I think the better question here ( since most people can level skip with an extra controller and OP main character ) would be whats the hardest level you solo'ed on insane and how many potions did you use ?