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  1. abom66

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    First of all the Tournament proper is Saturday, Feb 5th, not the 8th, does that allow you to attend? But to answer your question, you may still be eligible for a prize, if you are in the top 100, and register for the tournament. But it might be a shame to take that spot from someone who is able to participate in the main event. Also, EVERYONE, if you are near but not in the top 100, you may be eligible to be an alternate if people are no-shows in the tournament. hope that helps, kelly Thank you very much, and sorry I made a typo, I meant Febuary 5th. Thanks again.
  2. abom66

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    I have a pretty important question. If you make the top 100 on January 28th, but you are not able to compete in the febuary 8th tournament, do you still earn a prize for being in the top 100? top 24? If I make the top 100 I will not be able to make the tournament due to an all day sporting event. How convinient... Help please!
  3. abom66

    You're banned!

    band for CAKE
  4. abom66

    Fav Animals

    giraffe, chicken
  5. abom66

    Kings magic?

    i think the new dlc charectors will have new magic
  6. abom66

    new animal orb? bunny?

    well maybe it will be in the dlc
  7. abom66

    new animal orb? bunny?

    i found a cute little bunny. i wonder how to befriend him check it out. its at the snow store. PS: please rate and comment
  8. abom66

    Most Annoying Boss

  9. abom66

    the chef hominid show! (scrapped)

    same here! zomfg f'ing jon-balloon-f'ers
  10. abom66

    Castle Crashers Complete Knowledge

    picture looks sick
  11. abom66

    Wouldn't it be cool...

    i guess
  12. abom66

    Serious Question!

    steroids+sandwich=extra beefy
  13. abom66

    what system do you have it for?

    wow, 360 FTW i guess. (not really...GBA FTW!!!!)
  14. abom66