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  1. well i logged in after 3 years


    quitting, hav fun

  2. Banned for spelling because wrong!!! You're banned for making text fall aslleep!
  3. Yeah, Im giving away MagicalProtagonist. Have it. I'll give the pass: it's behemoth10
  4. Here are your requests guys! Hope you like them! Ask me to change them if you want!
  5. Oh sure thing guys! Had a birthday sorry I was inactive, making new account tonight so be sure to head over there!
  6. And we're here for you, as you fade into the dark.
  7. Friends? maybe your local nimbat! Derpy Nimbat is mine!
  8. I entered the game files. Steam>SteamApps>common>Battleblock Theater>Something>UserFaces
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO CUSTOM HEADS?! I have followed the instructions and videos! And still no custom blueprint thing! Here is the entire thing! HELP FAST! EDIT: I Did use UserHeads and this picture was a failure ._.
  10. I have followed the custom head instructions and the blueprint icon is still not there. Below is a few screenshots I took.
  11. Oh sorry, PotatoFarm! Im new to the forums and yeah I forget a lot.
  12. I have some new Fan Art! This was done on a Laptop without a proper mouse it was done on a mousepad! All credit to me for the entire picture! Feel free to use this for anything as long as you give Copyright to me!