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  1. Here's my entry. Hopefully I'm not too late Full Body:,RW0CQ5J#0 Face Close-Up:,RW0CQ5J#1
  2. megustaknight

    Just Doodles

    Your really good Chris! I'd love to see more of your drawings!
  3. megustaknight

    Cats Or Cat Guards?

    I've only played the Steam version and I don't know what the Xbox version looks like.
  4. I would like to enter, but I don't have enough confirmed posts. What do I do?
  5. megustaknight

    Steam Summer Sale 2014!

    I'm glad my friend recommended this game, and I got it during the sale, because I got introduced to this company!
  6. megustaknight

    Battleblock Theater Plush Hats - Now Up In Our Online Store

    Right in time for the winter months. TBH, I thought they meant top hats when I read the title the first time.
  7. megustaknight

    Pickles Draws Things

    Dude, you're a pretty good artist. I like your work.
  8. megustaknight

    All 64 Special Heads Drawn By 64 Different Artists

    These all look pretty good. Keep it up!
  9. megustaknight

    Announcing Game 4!

    Will be a bit sad that Stamper won't be as upbeat as he was in BattleBlock. Still looking forward to the game, though.