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  1. (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! AVERT YOUR EYES THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDN'T SEE THE GAME 4 TRAILER OR FINISHED BATTLEBLOCK THEATER! AVERT THEM!!!) (ps. i also do not know how to do the spoiler hidden thingy either.) ya know, as far as i remember, stamper actually said he plays the voice of hatty. The reason why this makes sense as far as narration says is through the small clues from his quotes. "best friend in all the land" "a very handsome fellow" etc. One quote to throw everyone off is at the end when hatty says " oh i get it! because of the...myes! It all makes sense now!" he would've remembered something that didn't make sense to him before in a shocking scenario such as this....IF HE WERE CONSIOUS! Every theory hatty said was true if you think about it. The cats are aliens, mutated disasters, and genetic experiments gone array. the hat was blessed by a voodoo witch doctor then cursed later on. the story of purrham furbottom is still a true one. piece these together and you get a story of a bunch of cats who were once normal but evolved and became aliens after aliens did experiments on them possibly to stop a war. they all fight for a common cause: to kill their enemy! At this point you may be thinking, "WHOA MAN! this kinda thing seems like mashed potatoes with ranch! all weird and discustingly not right!" but keep reading cuz things about to get all crazy doo doo weirdness all over the carpet of your mind! A boat crashes onto an island with emeralds in places that are too dangerous for a kitty and a hat that can shoot a powerful laser that can only be powered by emeralds. 321 people, all friends, become prisoner to these cats. the cats put everyone in jail, except one. That "one" had to be the one who everyone loves and would do anything for. they put them to work. To free a prisoner, they needed to buy them out of custody by using the very gems they have collected and the cats desire. By the time the game ends, the cats have tons of gems, and a vegetablised hatty to control their emerald laser weapon of death and demise. Hatty's soul is released and split; as a blessed side and a cursed side. a yin and yang. the evil soul of the hat is released with the laser to the planet game 4 takes place in. Meanwhile normal hatty narrarates his story. neither of them have a body due to the other one dying due to starvation or something.... mabe death by crying too much...i dunno. still there's my theory. also if it says batty instead of hatty anywhere, blame it on auto correct.
  2. yaaaay! thats awesome! Also I'm lovin' these other entries! Especially the carved pumpkins! Wanted to also carve around the design on my pumpkin and THE BEHEMOTH under it too but this pumpkin's getting a little weird inside...
  3. http://d3epsilonx2.deviantart.com/art/Pumpkin-contest-492425829?ga_submit_new=10%253A1415054744 FINALLY! I finished! It's 4:46 so I'm good right? (plz tell me i am...plz ;( )