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  1. ENDerLord

    I Drew A Hatty

    I'm just going to sit here laughing my head off. FATTY FATTINGTON. i love it XD
  2. stupid art block ;-;

  3. i personally like the older version a teensy bit better than the official one...
  4. ENDerLord

    Announcing Game 4!

  5. ENDerLord

    What We Want In Pit People

    can i have more stuff to do with BBT
  6. ENDerLord

    What Do You Think Will Happen In The Game? :3

    I'm thinking that its kinda a sequel to BBT cuz 1) i love BBT 2) theres like Honey Hugs and stuff and in the opening cinematic, there's Hatty (woop) on the cave wall 3) and theres a dark thing in the corner THAT LOOKS QUITE ALOT LIKE THE CORNER OF A HAT *wink wink nudge nudge* 4) in the gameplay teaser, Stamper's like "... precious little PUPPETS..." so yeah.