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  1. Yeeeeeep, that's right. After all it seems that I'm stupid. Nevermind. Thank you very much for help. Now, tell me one thing. Is it still possible to earn this little guy? Edit: He still is. I've just beaten it again (good way, this time) and got him. My god, he was worth everything.
  2. I'm not mad, easy. But I wonder how many are there "Orange Blocks by Getlucky12341", cause at first screen there is name of the map, and yeah, it's pretty the same. Also, I recognize screens from that topic with map I've done.
  3. Hi. I've made this map: And that was 29 November. To this day I didn't get anything. Today I completed everything again and guess what? That's right, nothing. Here's my proof. What should I do now?
  4. As mentioned in the OP, the Steam inventory will show the incorrect image of "Cecil" based on the XBLA image but it has been replaced with Cecil Cooking Cat (Steam only). The original cyclops Cecil is XBLA only. Steam inventory will show incorrect image? Awesome. But my problem is that my steam inventory shows nothing. 0. Null. Just like in game. I didn't get any version of Cecil.
  5. Hi. I did that map: And that was yesterday. I didn't get anything. I don't know why. CAn someone help me?
  6. Well, pushing bear that big will take some time. That might cause Hatty to drown. At the beggining of Game4 trailer we see Hatty in space. Maybe that's an idea? Look, with all that power of friendship and stuff he could be, like, ejected. After everything he landed... somewhere and openned new teather filled with will of vengeance because his friends, they just let him sink and haven't came back to help him. Or, floating caused him to lost his sanity. Or, part 2 should explain narrator's story? Like, he was one of us, hidden somewhere where he could help us. But after all nobody gave a crap about him, so he made his own teather. Don't forget that he knew all the secrets (he sometimes says something like: "I know where gemes are, but I won't tell you") so he could make his teather bigger, harder (that's what she s... sorry) and even more deadlier. Oooor, maybe we shouldn't talk about sequel but prequel. Maybe narrator was preformer from begging, veteran of all dudes. Maybe we could experience story from his eyes? Like, you know, retrospections. Story of everyone and stuff. I think that's awesome idea.
  7. Help, I've done everything (including time levels) and didn't get anything. Neither in game nor Steam.
  8. Bear seems to be important in Game 4. Just watch the trailer. There is Hatty too, look at 0:28. He seems to be pretty much alive, although we wasn't in space, so that's not important, I suppose. Maybe, just MAYBE Game4 will explain a lot. All that remains is to wait.
  9. Hi, I'm Zar and I'm pretty much useless. Also, I'm in secret love with Tofu Horses.