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  1. Yeah, I found something similar. I did coop Furbottom's Features attempting to get my nephew the monster head. I got the levels described in the 11-14-2014 topic. Beating them gave my nephew the lava lamp head.
  2. Just to add to my last post from probably about 6 hours ago and still hasn't appeared yet (I hope the people who can fix this have are able to see these posts...), single player Furbottom's Feratures seems to work fine. When trying to start coop local furbottom's features, I get the message that the Battleblock Theater service is not available and I should try again later.
  3. Last I checked, Furbottom's Features seemed to be down. I was playing with my nephew last night and we tried to pick up where we left off last night. We got an error message after selecting our characters and got kicked back to character selection.
  4. I think my nephew would love one of the raccoon hats. I'm just worried whether or not it would fit him. Exactly how big are these hats?