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    I still play behemoth games, but I keep forgetting I have an account for behemoth.com!
  1. FBI Agent 3

    You Wanna Know What Berts?

  2. Why do I act like this website never existed?

  3. FBI Agent 3

    What We Want In Pit People

    Maybe some Castle Crashers characters and some of there weapons would be good for some DLC. That would be a good idea.
  4. FBI Agent 3

    Future Dlc.

    There should be a DLC that gives you a bundle of critical swords and some regular swords. And the pack would be called The Additanal Swordpack. And they all require a level 30.
  5. FBI Agent 3

    find people to play PDA games with

    RIP: Online Alien Hominid
  6. I picked The Blacksmith after I am finished with Blacksmith I might move on to Green Knight.
  7. FBI Agent 3

    Bbt For Xbox One

    BBT was my first Behemoth game.
  8. Haven't been on for a long time...

  9. On castle crashers, I am on insane mode.

  10. FBI Agent 3

    Battleblock Theater Glitches

    I have a glitch where you can be invincible. Its hard to explain when I am not showing you, but I will try. You need a boat, a spike, a fan, and some water to place your boat on. Now, get in the boat then your should die then he will just stay there and keep looking like that he is falling. Now after that, jump. Now you are invincible!
  11. FBI Agent 3

    Welcome To The Game 4 Forum!

    This game is gonna be awesome!!! I can't wait to get this game!
  12. FBI Agent 3

    If Game 4 Was A Fake?

    If this was a fake, I would be so sad!
  13. The reason why I said lots of ppl don't play alien hominid is because I tried to play pda games online, and it said no players found. So, I thought no one really playz alien hominid
  14. FBI Agent 3

    Xbox 360?

    I used to want it on 360, but I have an Xbox one now. But u can still put it on 360 because my other friends don't have an Xbox one.
  15. I was not on behemoth in a long time, sadly its been a long time since I played behemoth games