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    I still play behemoth games, but I keep forgetting I have an account for behemoth.com!
  1. Why do I act like this website never existed?

  2. Maybe some Castle Crashers characters and some of there weapons would be good for some DLC. That would be a good idea.
  3. There should be a DLC that gives you a bundle of critical swords and some regular swords. And the pack would be called The Additanal Swordpack. And they all require a level 30.
  4. Haven't been on for a long time...

  5. On castle crashers, I am on insane mode.

  6. I was not on behemoth in a long time, sadly its been a long time since I played behemoth games

  7. My profile picture is my roblox character

  8. I play BBT on xbox who want some prisoners

  9. When is game 4 comin out???