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  1. No, what's on your mind.

  2. Hipore123

    Final Boss Insane Mode Steam

    Hello there! If this offer is still up, I will take it up. I'm sadly only available on Fridays and sometimes Saturday and Sunday. I have a Level 99 and Orange Knight so if you get a friend request from a 'Cpt.-Lagsalot' that will be me! I still haven't beaten a lot of the levels on Insane Mode because I don't play it much anymore. I'm planning on playing some more of this game in the future.
  3. Hipore123

    What are you listening to ATM?

    Blackout City (feat. Anamanaguchi) - Gaijin Games Mermaid (feat. Anamanaguchi) - Gaijin Games or in other words... anything related to BIT.TRIP RUNNER(no Runner 2's music sucks).
  4. Hipore123

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    You are amazing at the drawing skill
  5. Hipore123

    How Can I Reset My Game Progress

    I'd actually love to reset my progress but keep the heads I bought/made/downloaded/traded
  6. Hipore123

    Custom Heads!

    My collection of heads with a Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin head. http://tinypic.com/a/39elc/1
  7. Hipore123

    GamerTag/Username Origins?

    I got my username from typing hippo... I'm an idiot.