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  1. No, what's on your mind.

  2. Hello there! If this offer is still up, I will take it up. I'm sadly only available on Fridays and sometimes Saturday and Sunday. I have a Level 99 and Orange Knight so if you get a friend request from a 'Cpt.-Lagsalot' that will be me! I still haven't beaten a lot of the levels on Insane Mode because I don't play it much anymore. I'm planning on playing some more of this game in the future.
  3. Blackout City (feat. Anamanaguchi) - Gaijin Games Mermaid (feat. Anamanaguchi) - Gaijin Games or in other words... anything related to BIT.TRIP RUNNER(no Runner 2's music sucks).
  4. I'd actually love to reset my progress but keep the heads I bought/made/downloaded/traded
  5. My collection of heads with a Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin head. http://tinypic.com/a/39elc/1
  6. I got my username from typing hippo... I'm an idiot.