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  1. Might want to change Easy to Expert, In my opinion, This is one of the hardest stage I've played!
  2. How about this? "Domo Arigato Mister Roboto, Domo domo" The song is called Mister Roboto.
  3. Mine? Definitely Meowburt and Snailburt I mean, the Speed increase with Meowburt is good, same with Snailburt and strength, but really, who doesn't loved there Bugged-eye face? (Sorry if this counts as a nercopost, I'm new to forum-ing)
  4. 9001 Wait..What I meant to say 158!
  5. It became Autumn, but then a Blizzard that snowed 18 inches came out of nowhere! I wish I had a Chocolate fountain
  6. They thought it was an apple- Worms 2 Armageddon Picking on me just cause I'm not from your planet, eh?-Worms 2 Armageddon Anyone still play that game?
  7. I got this username from just thinking about it, I just said something dumb like "I like pizza, and yeah, that works!" And then I was going to put in 123 (I not sure what website it was I was on) But…My hand slipped, then it spelled "122" I thought that was way Catchier and I used it ever since (I was young when I came up with it)
  8. Stargate! (Sorry, I forgot how to use pictures)
  9. It works finely, I wouldn't want to make you more work! I just didn't know it was for Coop, Sorry to disturb you.
  10. Has anybody else have a glitch with the Furbottoms Feature still staying on Chapter1 by JustMalice? Or is this going to be like the Santa head? (On XBLA, that is) (Also, sorry if you have the problems and I'm pointing them out)
  11. I'm not sure if this will work, but... I'm looking for Boom, and I will give... Hatzilla (Not scamming) Turkey Stubby (I will not scam you!) Steamrolled victim 1 Moose Wheels Snail Hooshman the wise Mr. Bobbins The Nose Knows Alien Crasher Fat-kid Both FBI agents Cyber Monday Ms. Pump Furbottom Mr. Peabody 75% Head And Meebs (Maybe) GT:AbundantHook20 I can be on anytime on the weekend. (Eastern timezone) (I'm not sure if i'm doing this right, tell me if this is wrong, please) Edit:I'm really sorry, I just got BOOM! And now I'm sort-of sorry that I made this, Moderators, Please lock this Edit2:I'm not sure if I should double post
  12. You may not be a gentleman, but…Meh, I got nothing, I win!
  13. You cheated all of them and got banned. I wish for a house…Made of pizza!
  14. Any time you eat anything, it tastes like persimmons! If you like persimmons, it tastes like…uh, I don't know. Paper.
  15. I stole some eggs from a hen! Oops, dropped it. Oops, darn, Ooo, he was "dying" to do that! Or whatever. Wait, awww cmon? That probably hurt, Ooops, this is a chicken. THAT'S WHAT SHE SA…Uhh..Ooops dropped another one!
  16. About that...Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 5.58.05 PM.png banned. I don't care about the internet, but I'm stuck there. Banned for misunderstanding me. Banned for not putting the color in red! and not liking being on the internet.
  17. My favorite obstacle (I guess this is a obstacle) is the "Cat-gets-you-with-fire-and-you-jump-in-the-water-to-do-a-big-jump" (this is mostly from QuirkyTurkey's "Gigantic-block") and the fan, ice, and saw-blades trick. (You duck under the saw-blades)
  18. I have a roblox account. I do play the game sometimes, but I just mostly play the things I see first, mostly because much of my favorite servers are not online. If you wanna know how it is… It's sort-of of fun. (I guess) By the way, my roblox account is thepizzaboy122. (I may have some good stuff, I don't know. I have a Big red head)
  19. Normal: Corn and Ice boss, they're basically the same thing "Pop out! Go back in the ground!" or"Teleports, than icicles!" Same thing with the Groom. (This only is hard when a low level and a sliver of heath) Insane: Of couse, without a doubt, Necromancer.
  20. I know Game 4 is only on PC and Xbox1, but please, close to the game opening. Please…Make it on mac! (And can you maybe tell us if your going to add any Honey Hug references, and a Pizza item.)
  21. "Gimme some of those berries, baby! MYNAH!" "Anyway who ever heard of a cat in a hat, thats preposterous!" "Their Spirits have grown to faar to weary children, and a weary spirit requires sustenance. Rich, buttery sustenance!" "Your just like, D-don't turn your back on me! And there all like MYEAAH"