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  1. The only reason the Troll isn't a character is because he has a different walk cycle, (This is also why the wizard isn't a character) and Behemoth thought 31 was enough. But anyways, I think a good magic selection for the troll is; Y Splash: Grass Stretch (It's like grass growing big then going back down) or vines X projectile: Acorns or Leaf A Jump: Tree (Why not?) So it's sort-of like Brute.
  2. If you want, you can just post some prisoners you drew, I'll start off with Blocketeer. Edit: Sorry, I mean BBT prisoners.
  3. Blocketeer is my favorite, right next to Lava-Lamp and The Monster Edit: Don't forget Donuts!
  4. When I tried to attach a Photoshop image, it won't let me. Do I need to make a link to it, or something else?
  5. I favorite weapons are the Dart-Gun and the Acid Bubble, for wall and water jumps areas.
  6. Stamper is the voice of the narrator, but what is he in the game? Maybe a cat?
  7. Rock: Not that much to say, but it can block raccoons sometimes, and can be used as platform in water.
  8. Does it have to have a background to it? And, I was thinking of doing blocketeer