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  1. Alright! I made a ticket! I do apologize for the delay. Hope you guys get to it soon please contact me if you need further details or anything. Thank you!
  2. Since you are a new registrant, I actually can't PM you... can you divulge your secrets via support ticket? WE WOULD MOST APPRECIATE THE DETAILS. <3 Yes, I will do this right away! Sorry, been away for a few days.
  3. So I ran into someone today who wanted the heads I have (I've got em all) and he told me a way to duplicate it to him. So I joined a game and went with it. It works.. and its a permanent thing. Please Contact me about this and I will tell details. I don't want this glitch known and abused. It took me since the game came out til bout a week ago to collect all the heads and now people can do this? sad day!
  4. This issue is still not fixed. I just ran into this problem about a week ago. Shouldn't it be resolved by now? It's been over a year since this guy's posted about it
  5. Has anyone found out why the last dot won't turn on? I just got the last achievement and the top left dot/light is off