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  1. CocaColaHolic93

    Duplication Glitch (Xbox)

    Alright! I made a ticket! I do apologize for the delay. Hope you guys get to it soon please contact me if you need further details or anything. Thank you!
  2. CocaColaHolic93

    Duplication Glitch (Xbox)

    Since you are a new registrant, I actually can't PM you... can you divulge your secrets via support ticket? WE WOULD MOST APPRECIATE THE DETAILS. <3 Yes, I will do this right away! Sorry, been away for a few days.
  3. CocaColaHolic93

    Duplication Glitch (Xbox)

    So I ran into someone today who wanted the heads I have (I've got em all) and he told me a way to duplicate it to him. So I joined a game and went with it. It works.. and its a permanent thing. Please Contact me about this and I will tell details. I don't want this glitch known and abused. It took me since the game came out til bout a week ago to collect all the heads and now people can do this? sad day!
  4. CocaColaHolic93

    [Battleblock Theater] Can't Get All 30 Lit On Light Panel

    This issue is still not fixed. I just ran into this problem about a week ago. Shouldn't it be resolved by now? It's been over a year since this guy's posted about it
  5. CocaColaHolic93

    Missing A Light

    Has anyone found out why the last dot won't turn on? I just got the last achievement and the top left dot/light is off