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  1. I salute you sir, me and my sister tried for about 20 mintues on both of them with no success. Thanks. It took a while to figure them out, especially encore 1 - that stage insane.
  2. Anyone beat the co-op encore levels 1 and 3? I figured out how to complete them, and both are easier done alone then they are with a random stranger IMO.
  3. Team with me if you wanna win
  4. Currently 28 globally, it's the only record I care about seeing as Ranked is broken.
  5. My tip is that know what game mode the weapons have the best uses on. -Ball Game: Boomerang is the best, grenades, fan, and ice cannon (if used properly) are solid too. I like to have one stun weapon and one kill weapon for a balanced ball game team, but it also depends on the map. you want to have more kill weapons if you cant score from the side of the net. -Hill: Fan is the best on most maps since most hills are surrounded by ice blocks,which fans make people slide away and earn you more precious time quicker. It can also be used immediately after you knock down an opponent. Grenades are solid too for clearing the hill, Fireball and acid bubble are decent. Toads can be used to stall and zone, but it depends on the map how well you can do so. -Muckle: Grenades, fireball, toad bombs and acid bubble are solid, switch depending on the map. Personally, I love grenades however it is easy to blow up a teammate with them too. Use when enemies like to cluster together and you have distance between you and everyone else. Same goes with toad bombs, use from a distance. Primarily for zoning and disrupting when you spam from the edge of the map - annoying but effective. Acid bubble is great for 1v1's, because you can get a stun on them, stand close to them, and acid bubble and get the kill as the stand up again (or still laying down). Also can be used to zone and can be spiked. Fireballs are stiff to aim, can burn teammates, but the flame ignites other people upon touch. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on fire, you can touch the water and relieve yourself of the burn without dying and giving the team a point. I see many people not take advantage of this/ don't know about this. -Capture the Horse: Grenades, Fire Ball, and weapons that have kill potential. stun weapons are typically less effective because killing grants you more time, more time means greater opportunity to capitalize scores on. My personal favorite is the grenade, because it can be used offensively and defensively. Also it's projectile spiking ability and it's large radius of splash damage are great. Say a teammate is fighting an enemy, you spike a grenade and blow them up, they get +10, but you get +20 so it's overall still effective. Be sure to learn the distance of when to use it close range without blowing yourself up.
  6. I like having one teammate with an offensive weapon, like a grenade or fireball, and the other a defensive one, like the boomerang or fan. The offensive person i meant to clear the net, and the defensive person is meant to stop them from advancing/ disrupt them.
  7. Some type of zombie mode would be fun. 2-4 players fighting against NPC zombie cats or something.
  8. Here's my take on why I don't play ranked. People quit out before I beat them. Plain and simple. With quickmatch in the normal playlist, people just don't care as much, so I can win more and get gems. But make no mistake, there are tons of quitters. The REAL problem with matchmaking is the fact that people can quit a match with NO repercussions. So what do they do? They keep quitting because they're not penalized. Their either needs to be a penalty, or the match should immediately end when the others quit and the people who were still in the game win, and get REWARDED for it with a win/ gems.
  9. Ball game, then Muckle is a close second, followed by CtH.
  10. I remember playing with him during the closed beta. At the time I wasn't sure if it was THE Dan Paladin, but it was
  11. Yeah, I also got the head. Here's a picture of it just in case anyone was wondering what it looked like.
  12. Would you say it was a challenge for you playing through the last two chapters? Just want to know what lies ahead of me. Challenging but very doable.
  13. This problem only started happening today, where I would leave an online game to return to the home menu, and it would bring me to the rating the playlist screen, except it wouldn't let me rate the playlist or register any inputs altogether. It's already happened several times today, and the only way to get out of this screen is to return to the xbox dashboard. What's causing this? Will it be patched?