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  1. If we are selected to play in the closed beta how will we be getting notify?
  2. Waiting for that Pit People closed beta inv now woot wooot well hoping haha

  3. I want a Dan character. and his move would be throwing this created characters at his foes!
  4. Alrighty then, I am back on the forums to ask about the coop aspect here it goes...How does it work really?
  5. Oh yeah one more thing is this co-op in anyway?
  6. I got no clue tbh I haven't looked into as much as I did for BBT. I do like the perma-death of the people/animals/food of the recruits you hire (I thought I had read that somewhere anyways)
  7. I did but no news for my friend yet I'm hopping so tho.
  8. Waiting to see if I get that inv.

  9. You going to grief your son? or is the other way around.
  10. I highly doubt it will do anything at all. Also I'm going to guess a May release date now. A month of beta testing should be a enough to get things on the roll unless there is more problems then it should have then it could be delayed some more. Heres to hoping everything goes well =D
  11. So I just want to ask if we will be getting a back story on his magical hat of awesome power that controls him or is he not being controlled? But really I kinda want to know something about it.
  12. Moar battleblock stuff