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  1. Banned for being active.
  3. Banned for recognizing Yahoo and Bing
  4. Banned for being unforgiving. please forgive me for not being online for a few months
  5. Banned for caring who's where.
  7. Banned for a probability of not being at your home.
  8. Granted, but they are extremely rotten. I wish for apple juice, but with extra seeds in it (Compared to the average amount).
  9. Banned for being beside me.
  10. Granted, but Brah comes in and takes Bruh's place. I wish I had more food to eat.
  11. Granted, but everyone around you is very disorganized. I wish I had more graham crackers.
  12. Granted, but it's your freedom to write sappy poems. I wish I had chosen a different bathing suit.
  13. Banned for no Bill Nye.
  14. Banned because it was decent, and you?