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  1. I apologize, it was a friends only lobby. There is however no need to go further, I got on moments ago to see it has been fixed. Thank you very much
  2. I'm using Steam, and it was a private match. Thanks for confirming! There was an issue awhile ago where the profile would appear as zeroed out under certain conditions. It would always return back to normal after a few hours, though, and we THOUGHT we had fixed all instances of that... can you tell me if the status has repaired itself? Have you lost progress in any other areas? It has not been repaired, and I've lost no progress in any other areas.
  3. Hello. Just about an hour ago I was playing Battleblock Theater with a friend on private server. She left from the computer for some time and left the game, I decided to leave the game on for some reason (just busy with other things). When I got back on to turn it off, someone else was in the game. He had a default rectangular face and no gems or yarn. I freaked out and left the game. When I checked my global ranking, I was at 0 and it shows that I'm using the rectangular prisoner. Last time I checked, I was somewhere between 1100-1200. I spent a lot of time ranking up and need help, or at least an explanation. Thank you.