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  1. Tofu

    Character Profile Art. For youu((OR AM I?))

    glad to see your back!
  2. Tofu

    Most Annoying Boss

    I despise the corn boss... corn boss ftl
  3. Tofu

    Alien ray gun

    the ray gun does not show up by defualt when you get Alien. And it's impossible to get it back if you pick up the pitchfork. You can get the ray gun in the weapons frog if you do weapon swap trading. I'll leave that to someone else to post because I don't know how that works.
  4. Tofu

    The Necromancer

    haha, i love it. He looks very crazed.
  5. Tofu

    Kings magic?

    Maybe hey sends forth a crowd of Grey Knights or a Mob of Peasants running in a straight line
  6. Tofu

    Character Profile Art. For youu((OR AM I?))

    General Character Base: grey knight type body, Head is a white square (piece of Tofu) Colors: White body with a Green 'T' on his chest Mood: Happy with mouth open () Magic: Grey Weapon (If you want to add it on): An Axe can't wait to see what you come up with.
  7. Tofu

    List of Music and where to get it

    I agree with you Guffawer, Ninjer Boat and Necromancer battle are really good.
  8. Tofu

    *:Sig's of Jouste's art here:*

    use: [img=]
  9. Tofu

    *:Sig's of Jouste's art here:*

    I claim Iceskimo sig and Beholder Avi.
  10. Tofu

    Who do I want to be??? D:

    1. Icekimo 2. Industrialist 3. Snakey 4. Fencer 5. Gray Knight
  11. Me and 2 other friends are lv. 99's and we're stuck at Marsh.
  12. Tofu

    Peasant vs. Gray Knight

    Grey Knight hands down.
  13. Tofu

    so...there arent 22 unlockable characters?

    Maybe there's 1 Character for beating Insane?
  14. I'd like to play as the Cyclops or The Evil Wizard