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  1. I agree, that option would have been awesome, but I really like using the Blacksmith anyway; his magic is pretty unique and funny to look at. And I do like his helmet design and how he looks with it, but I still believe having the option to use him without it would have been really nice.
  2. Yeah, I don't care about leveling up my characters to level 99, it takes so much time, it's not very useful, and you don't get anything for doing it. The only level 99 character I have is my Red Knight, but I got to that level simply by trying to finish the game on Insane by myself.... I really doubt I'll get to that level with any other character.
  3. My Blacksmith is currently at level 66, but I already got the gold skull for him and I don't really care about leveling up to 99. And I haven't played that much with my Pink Knight, so he is probably at level 15 or 16.
  4. My overall favorite character is the Red Knight (which is my only level 99 character), but for now I'm really enjoying playing with my Blacksmith, which is currently at level 66 and I already got the gold skull for it.
  5. Thanks to this guide (and drunken feedle's help in obtaining my first gold skull for my Red Knight) now I have two more gold skulls: one for my Blacksmith and the other for a Green Knight I use with a different Xbox profile. I may get 2 more gold skulls for my Industrialist and my Alien, but I'm not sure I'm gonna do that any time soon; right now I'm happy having gold skulls for my Red Knight and my Blacksmith. Anyway, thanks again for this guide, getting through Insane and unlocking gold skulls is definitely easier and faster using this guide.
  6. I just wanted to say thanks once again to drunken feedle because, with his help, I was finally able to get the gold skull for my Red Knight. Now I just need to get a gold skull for my Blacksmith and maybe my Industrialist too, as feedle suggested.
  7. Hey, I'm definitely interested in getting gold skulls for two of my characters: the Red Knight, which is at level 99 and I've gotten him through every level of the Insane story by myself except for the Necromancer's Room and the final boss. And the other character would be my Blacksmith, which is currently at level 60 and at Tall Grass Field of Insane mode. There are a couple of things you should know though: First, I don't have a gold subscription right now, I only have a 48 hour code, so I would only be able to play and help a couple of days. I'm serious about it though, so if I say I'll be able to play at any given day and time, you can rest assured I'll do it. And the second thing is that I do have a mic and I can perfectly hear what everyone says, but I don't speak through it because there's usually a lot of noise and interference everytime I try to use it (I keep it on mute for that reason), but I could definitely write a few messages if needed. P.S: I'll send a friend request and I'll PM you my GT so you know who I am.
  8. I couldn't agree more, I've made it through every level by myself with the Red Knight; the first fight with the Troll Mother and the desert level were the hardest for me, but I was able to get through them after a few tries, the Necromancer room on the other hand.... man, that's just HARD. I've been stuck there for a looong time without being able to get my golden skull, the second wave of enemies always kills me even if I have 5 potions and I use all my bombs. I wanted to finish the game on insane by myself, but now I'm really considering getting some help to beat that freaking room.
  9. It would be absolutely awesome if they made it with a removable helmet, I think it's the only character that could be done like that, and I'm sure it would be amazing.
  10. The should've let us use the Blacksmith with or without his helmet, I think he looks way more awesome without it.
  11. I have the same problem, it's such a shame I cannot get that last achievement.... so frustrating .... and sad
  12. Thank you very much, Kelly, that's all I wanted to know.
  13. Thanks a lot for your reply, it's good to see I'm not the only one with this problem. But they've already sent the title update to Microsoft, and now I wonder if they addressed this issue. I hope Kelly or someone can confirm this. NecroMancer: I doubt that's the problem because, although certainly not all of my victories have been melee matches, I'm pretty sure at least half of them have. I'll keep trying though, in case that's the problem. Unfortunately, my gold subscription ran out, and I've been playing with silver for free this weekend, but that ends up tonight.
  14. My Arena Master achievement won't unlock. I reached 40 victories and nothing, I was told in some cases it was glitched but that it should eventually pop up. Well I've already accumulated over 90 victories (almost reach 100) and still nothing. Am I the only one with this problem? Is there anything I can do to solve it? Please help me.
  15. I really like what you did with the Saracen, the pose is cool and it's very bloody, which makes it even cooler. And the zebra orb is like: "yeah, whatever". It's great, keep them coming.