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  1. Hello everyone I want to ask if its still possible to get the first prisoner the furr weekend. I want him realy bad but coulden't get him becouse my parents are spit up. So if someone can help me plz say it. Il be verry tankfull. :3
  2. Hello people I don't know if you know me but my account was hacked. And I could not make a new one because there was something wrong with the billing information. Good news I tryed again and it works. So now I can buy the game when it comes out. I'm so happy now And I can't wait.
  3. THe full game not the flash BUT the flash is AWSOME
  4. Its almost 2013 now no rush but the exitement
  5. Hello evryone, Is battleblock theater coming out on pc, I know it's realy hard but I have a problem. I used to play castle crashers on the xbox until my account got hacked. So I dicided to make a new account. Now the problem is I can't make a new account cous it always says my postal code is wrong, I tryd to fix it but nothing worked. Now I play castle crashers on the PC and thats why I hope Battleblock theater and alien hominid come out on pc I hope for the best.
  6. I don't know but person who trades services there alien hominid figures before? I don't know but maybe we sould sell them again. You can make some prototypes and let the people see if it gonna be a succes.