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  1. Coop Feature: Final Grove (Coop) by SyntaxX Difficulty: Expert Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode! Its fitting that this playlist would be the "final" Furbottom's Feature for a while, and no, not because of the name. Coop level design in BattleBlock Theater is, without a doubt, the toughest type of level to execute well. Well, without accidentally executing your performers too much. I know, I know... we were the ones who installed those buzzsaws in BattleBlock Theater, but too much of of a good thing can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Its the day after Thanksgiving, so you probably know what I'm talking about. A lot of the time, the cleanest, best Coop Features have had little to no mandatory coop moments, which is totally fine; sometimes, you just want to run around and have fun together. But I gotta say, it really impresses me when I see level designs like this that really rely on coordinating with your partner, making one player think while the other is madly jumping out of the way of lasers every few moments. Its not just good fun, its also kinda what BattleBlock Theater is all about. To see what this week's playlist is all about, you can take a look here! Theres nothing quite so showstopping as a unicorn. Seriously, I took Final Unicorn with me when I last went to the opera and it was super disruptive! We've had a lot of great designs over the last couple years, so don't stop peeking your nose into Furbottom's Features. Trust me, he doesn't mind as long as you don't ask for any of his buttery popcorn. And thanks so much to all of those who contributed and continue to contribute towards keeping these cats happy... I really don't want to see what happens to this place when there's nothing to distract them. (send HELP) [Featured Playlist 27 November 2015]
  2. Arena Playlist: LordOfTheFlies by Squiddles (usually lagging) Normally, the song goes, "A Horse is a Horse, of course, of course...", except in BattleBlock Theater, that Horse might be a Pig. Or... a Fridge? The research is still out on that one. Similarly, this week's playlist does some things with Horse Mode that turn it into something else completely. Thankfully, that something else also happens to be pretty darn fun. Here's a brief description from the author: "Most of these maps are a new take on Capture the Horse/Pig, best described by our lead testerer as "King of the Pig". In most maps there is no enemy pig to capture, simply a neutral pig in the middle. Sitting on the pig will slowly generate points, and banking the pig will give you a large bonus, but alas, the pig will not respawn." So, a couple things to take away from this. First, they had a testerer; always a good sign. Second, you're going to find some truly unique arenas in this playlist, since there are next to no real horse pens to score at. Instead, its just a good old fashioned game of buck'em bronco: all you need to do is try not to get knocked off of that rodeo pony. Of course, rodeo horses do a lot more kicking than the ones we breed in the theater, so to add a bit of challenge and spice, Squiddles has added lasers, raccalopes and UFO's to make things extra interesting! Did you know? Alien Hominid was first released on the Playstation 2, 11 years ago tomorrow! So in the near future, make sure to celebrate this take on the far future from our somewhat distant past. Confused? Here's Fat Kid to explain! Wow, Fat Kid must be in his mid-twenties at least by now. Must have one of those faces. Anyway, lookin' pretty good, my friend. [Featured Playlist 20 November 2015]
  3. Arena Feature: Beghoule by echoplex Allow me to beguile you with a beghoule: 15 arena levels crafted by our 4 time Feature winner, one E.P. Echoplex. Or J.R.? Okay, so we've featured his levels a lot and he's never even told us his first name, but whatever! What we have here are a glut of levels that run the gamut of just about every arena mode worth playing. But just because this is a gamutous glut of greatness doesn't mean that echoplex doesn't know how to show a little restraint! Each level is light on hazards and heavy on open, variable paths, just begging to have your little prisoner's feet scampering all over them. ...does that sound weird? That sounds a little weird. Sorry: I promise that none of the paths in this playlist have little mouths that will actually beg for you to walk on them. But they totally would if they could. Speaking of things that shouldn't have mouths, here is a sentient human organ that represents love! Wow... some body must miss her an awful lot. P.S. As you may have read here, this is the second to last new arena we'll be Featuring for the time being, so get your final Solo and Arena submission in asap! [Featured Playlist 6 November 2015]
  4. Coop Feature: 2 Players=FUN by RubikAZ Difficulty: Intermediate Expect levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign. Some challenge, but not the hardest we've seen. We had a panel of scientists check his equation, and as it turns out, RubikAZ was spot on with this one: 2 Players DOES equal fun, at least when you're solving this equation. It was a multiple choice question though, which probably helped. Something like... 2 Players=X. Solve for "X". A. X = FUN B. X = Bittersweet chocolate kisses C. X = The Transcontinental Railroad For the record, we also would have accepted "B" as an answer. Back to the playlist however, this is a handsome and well-tuned coop-tathon, making great use of triggers to complicate even the most brutally efficient of friendship. There are cats, but used sparingly; there are traps, but used effectively. Everything matters in 2 Players=FUN, and that helps keep the puzzles snappy and everyone invested in the performance. Dazzling! Speaking of FUN, this guy is having a great time this Halloween. Just look at that grin! Peeps looks like he's so happy, he could eat the smile right off your face. Give him a break though: he is an alien (I think!?), and he is still learning our ways. Viva la Peeps! [Featured Playlist 30 October 2015]
  5. Arena King Mode Feature: kings of madnes by Demon-01 The problem with Kings is that they are usually big sticklers for tradition. That is kinda the only way they stay in power, after all. But this week's King is all about taking creative chances, asking players to re-think this whole monarchy shindig as they scramble for the crown. You'll find broken pathways, shifting blocks and drown-happy seas on your way to victory, making sure that the line of succession is never completely straight. Who knows what "madnes" is, but I gotta get me some of that! WARNING! The levels contained in this week's feature are often SO unorthodox that digital opponents may have a very hard time competing; for best results, people-fighting is best! Are you scared of your shadow? Don't worry, its almost Halloween, so being scared is IN right now! What a relief to this week's prisoner! ACK! I mean, if he think's his shadow is scary...Yeesh. [Featured Playlist 23 October 2015]
  6. Solo Feature: Magic Adventure by Species of Rock This week's enchanting Feature is a journey through a wondrous variety of hazard laden lands; pretty good design work for any species of rock, I gotta say. I have seen chunks of granite make some halfway decent levels, but nothing that really comes close to this. What I'm trying to say is don't let your mineral based biases convince you to give this one a pass. For instance, I bet you wouldn't expect a piece of rubble to be empathetic about communicating challenges. Well, THIS species of rock has got you covered with challenges that are almost always telegraphed, giving you a chance to figure out what you need to do before you do it... That said, watch out for that Encore! Really: it doesn't matter how much the audience might expect it, you should really make sure you're in the right zone before you attempt these perilous crowd-pleasers. It is your face getting burned off, after all. Maybe, I mean! You could be fine! Look how much fun Furbottom is having: Hey, I wonder if Furbottom is having fun because we let him out on stage this week? His normal seat in the balcony looks so plush and comfortable, but I guess everyone craves a little excitement sometimes. [Featured Playlist 16 October 2015]
  7. Arena Feature: Malice Massacre by FrozenFish37 FrozenFish has been served hot, fresh from that one corner of the theater that is still radioactive. But hey, why eat frozenfish when we have so much delicious popcorn and yarn? Well, it was bundled with these little pouches full of arena levels! Just like you'd expect, each of these levels is a short, sweet side dish, fun to eat and play with, not so difficult to finish that you have a hard time waddling over to the next course. Also, variety! Spicy gold mode levels, sweet ball game match ups and strangely tangy horse mode races. There's even a creamy challenge level at the end for dessert! A feast fit for a king! Oh! And in honor of the release date for the Castle Crashers Steam update, we've let out a prisoner who will definitely appreciate feasting along with you... I promise, he has a mouth under all that beard. Somewhere. [Featured Playlist 9 October 2015]
  8. Coop Feature: Orange Blocks (two Players) by Getlucky12341 Difficulty: Intermediate Expect levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign. Some challenge, but not the hardest we've seen. Oh, Orange Blocks, how I've missed you. Yes, Orange Blocks is pretty much the same as the Solo Feature we featured a while back of the same name. However, unlike a lot of other playlists we've seen, the open, toolbox-y feeling of these levels lends themselves surprisingly well to Coop play. So, whether this week's levels are all new to you, or you would like to get a friend in on "that good thing you played", Getlucky12341 isn't the only one lucky this week! Behold, the dual Feature fiddlings of Furbottom and friend! Normally, you really shouldn't use someone else's toothbrush. Its just... icky. Thankfully, we were able to keep our mouths off of this one, and we think you probably will too. Trust me, its worth the cavities. [Featured Playlist 2 October 2015]
  9. Oh, so you are. Great! We have for you the 2nd chapter of what appears to be an ongoing catalog of inspired level design, perfect for those who like their puzzles well-shaken with a deadly helping of danger. Solo Feature: Ambitious - Chapter 2 (Solo) by TheJArgo Difficulty: Intermediate Expect levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign. Some challenge, but not the hardest we've seen. Yep, feels like its been awhile since we've had an intermediate difficulty playlist aroundt hese parts, which is strange because they're real crowd pleasers! Seriously, with expert playlists the prisoners often die so quickly that the crowd get's to see next to NOTHING! What a waste! Oh, and a quick disclaimer about the following screenshots... one of them looks like a guy just standing next to a chute with a grenade or something falling through it. Don't be deceived: this is one of the more devious contraptions we've had the pleasure of witnessing. And so simple too! Truly, The JArgo, you have kept us on our toes. What's that? A prisoner..? Let's see what I've got lying around here... Oh hey, here you go! A couple more found their way into our cages while we were pushing Castle Crashers Remastered onto XBOX One this month! Complete this week's Feature and he's all yours! [Featured Playlist 18 September 2015]
  10. Arena Feature: SuperHiperMegaL by Albertrivers A manic collection of beat-em up colliseums, stuffed with the pushiest BattleBlock denizens imaginable. Sure, its chockablock full of ball and acid spewing cats, but you also have Fan blocks, literally, pushing you around. Blow-hard bullies, I say. Take a stand and knock your opponent on their butt in this week's featured arenathon, courtesy of Mr. Rivers! And should you tire of carnage (oh, so much carnage), good ol' Al has even sprinkled in some Ball Maps to mix things up. Cuz, you know, those levels never get violent. ...I knew we should never have fired that referee. Like a peak-full of whats to come? Lay your screen-gazers on these images I captured in cages while on savannah, expressly for your benefit! So, there was a bit of a mix up in the penitentury, and now it looks like we're letting two prisoners out of their cells. I mean, we pardoned the one because of their immaculate record, but the other one is deadly dangerous to everyone he comes into contact with. Oh well, we already stamped the papers and everything. We'll let you decide which is which. Of Castle Crasher's Remastered fame, star of the new mini-game "Back Off Barbarian!" (we call it "Bob" for short) And then a giraffe, because what's the worst he can do with those dead shark eyes and the lethal killing power of his giraffine jaws? [Featured playlist September 11th 2015]
  11. Hi there peoples! My sincerest apologies, but it would appear that the original upload was removed from the service (boo!) and then re-uploaded by the playlist's author (yay!). Unfortunately, that means we need to work some mojo on our side to get the new playlist up as a BattleBlock Theater Feature, and with a lot of our crew en route to PAX Prime (yay!), it might take us a wee bit longer to get things running again (boo!). Thanks for your patience, the performance should recommence shortly! ~ Erin, Behemothtown
  12. Solo Feature: The Grand Quest by Hectic_Puppy Difficulty: Expert Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode! How familiar are you with the blocky ole streets of BattleBlock Theater? Do you know all the shortcuts and tricky switchbacks? Well, Hectic_Puppy ain't lying when he called this week's Feature a "Grand Quest": I had to remember quite a few quirks to get through and reach my journey's end in tact! In case you get stuck, here are some quick tips: 1. After you step on their trigger, trigger blocks stay open longer than they seem. When in doubt, make a run for it! 2. Walking UNDER a lifted lift can get you through a cloud block next to it. 3. If you double jump and then land on a fan, touching the actual fan block will give you another double jump to work with. Good luck! This week's prisoner pardoning is a celebration of one of our favorite couples: + You'll unlock Alien Hominid just for checkin' in, but if you can defeat this week's Feature, FBI#2 will also be on the lose! Just don't let Alien go crazy with the PDA's: FBI#2 could easily get overwhelmed and lose his head! [Featured Playlist 21 August 2015]
  13. Square World by Pepsi illusionz Difficulty: Intermediate Expect levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign. Some challenge, but not the hardest we've seen. This week's playlist maker would like you to take his challenge... what? No, of course you won't be drinking any soda, we're talking about Square World! Though seriously, if you're going to grab some soda, you should totally try that gem flavored one in the BattleBlock Theater lobby... it is AMAZING. And speaking of flavor, this week's offering is served up with an explosive, full-bodied taste that will blow your mind. Literally. But also maybe in the good way! With a series of interlocking action and puzzle sequences that are both exciting and approachable, these levels should be appropriate for all but the biggest challenge-seekers out there. Of course, there's always Insane Mode Square off against this week's playlist and win to unlock this man of action: ...or maybe "action" isn't the right word. He just kinda watches people all the time, like that Alien Hominid that hangs out in BattleBlock Theater if you own his game. Creepy. SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE OF ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE!! Due to some technical issues, we have been unable to update the Feature for XBLA for the last two weeks. Sorry about that!! In exchange for your limitless understanding, we are pardoning two additional prisoners this week: Steamroller#2 & FBI #1. Log in anytime in the next two weeks to claim your new friends/bribes! [Featured Playlist 21 August 2015]
  14. Arena Feature: SquaredCircelFun by Ten_Tacles One-time Furbottom Feature winner, Ten_Tacles, shows us this week that he still has it! Or perhaps he created this week's playlist at the same time he was creating his other Feature winner, "River Brawl". I mean, who knows how much multi-tasking is possible when you have ten tacles. Two plus two, times three, carry the one... Yeah, he probably still had like six tacles left to make a sandwich as well. Hey Ten_Tacles, if you let me have that sandwich, I'll put in a good word with Mr. Furbottom for you... Speaking of good words, I have quite a few of them for SquaredCircelFun as well! This is a super solid set of levels that could easily pose as official Behemoth entries... especially one involving catapults and explosive blocks that forces the ball carrier to juke and jive with an extra dollop of verve as well. Oh did I mention this is an all ball playlist? So, that might be a reason for you not to like this week's Feature, you know, if you have an irrational hatred of round things. You know who you are. Triangle heads? I'm lookin' at you. Did you miss that last hoop? May I suggest using this fine gentleman as your sporting partner! His face doubles as a backboard, and passing to a friend before you score always nets you three extra points! [Featured Playlist 14 August 2015]
  15. Coop Playlist: catty catty by Puzzofa... Puzzokoleslaw. ...Puslosofwa? Gimme a sec. Ahem. Coop Playlist: catty catty by Puszkoslaw! There! Jeeze, what is that? Prussian? The difficulty on this week's cooptology experiment is rated E for Everyone. Well, everyone who has friends, though you lone wolves out there could make it "E for Extremely Difficult" by playing with two controllers by yourself. I mean, don't let Mr. Furbottom tell you what you can or can't play solo. ...though it should be noted that those who didn't let Mr. Furbottom tell them what to do ended up in BattleBlock Theater prison. For those of you are unfamiliar, BattleBlock prison is a lot like Disney prison, if Disney prison held you for forty years and smelled more like pee. But hey, let's not let all of this prison talk ruin how much fun that theater part can be! This week's playlist is all about cooperative chokepoints, and no, I'm not referring to your partner's scrawny and squeezable neck. Can the two of you bring it together when the time is right, or will this otherwise playful romp of a playlist lure you into a false sense of independence?? I don't know, but let's see what's at stake! That's right, if you defeat this week's offering you'll unlock this guy! No one has any idea what he does or how good he is at it, so he must be important and talented! [Featured Playlist 7 August 2015]