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    Why Do You Like Castle Crashers?

    Hey Everyone, I've been playing a lot of different games recently and really asking why some I find some so immersive while others I stop playing after an hour or so, never to return. After having an all day CC jam with my friends, I realized I still love playing even after all this time. But what is it that keeps me coming back? Is it the awesome art? The quirky humor? Maybe the craving to collect em' all (characters, weapons,animals)? Interested to hear what you guys think. Want to start with Castle Crashers, but we could always segway into other Behemoth games (though I'd rather stick to their stuff than other companies. This is the Behemoth forum after all)
  2. Can we be expecting the level editor (even a rough build of it) to be included with the beta? Dying to get my hands on the editor almost as much as the game itself.
  3. The Bombadiliest

    Beta Inbound!

    Hell yes!!
  4. The Bombadiliest

    Level Editor Included In The Beta?

    YES!!! And thanks!
  5. The Bombadiliest

    Which Behemoth Game Should Really Have A Sequel

    Would like to see whatever Behemoth thinks would make the best game. If it's a sequel I'd be down, if new IP no problem. Anything that's fun
  6. The Bombadiliest

    Which Behemoth Game Should Really Have A Sequel

    Where'd you find this out? I'd actually enjoy reading up on that if it's established lore from the Behemoth.
  7. The Bombadiliest

    Beta Inbound!

    Ya Behemoth is a great example of people who think "Hmmm...this would be a good game" and then actually make it.
  8. The Bombadiliest

    You Guys Like Games Right?

    So what happens when you take the creators of Katamari Damacy, Adventure Time, Bit Trip, Hotline Miami, and a slew of other cool people and put them in a room together? A haven for indie awesomeness called LA Game Space, that's what! Alas, they need our help and made a kickstarter to get some funding (15 bucks for 30 great games? Can't beat that). Seeing as everyone here loves playing games, figured this would be a good place to spread the word. Link below: NEED the Pendleton Ward game. Though BBT would fill the game crave that I'm currently dying from even more!
  9. The Bombadiliest

    You Guys Like Games Right?

    Glad you all are as excited as me to see these games! Spread the word!
  10. The Bombadiliest

    What game are you playing ATM?

    Botanicula. Short but audio is simply amazing. Also some jetpack joyride and temple run for research on in-app purchase business models.
  11. The Bombadiliest

    Is Bbt Going To Be Canceled?

    Played BBT at conventions and down to wait. It'll come out at some point...someday. I'm now curious what their optimal timeframe to launch is; when they'll start hyping it up and getting the media blitz going. What does the Behemoth have up their sleeve to do this? And am I the only one picturing Dan bent over a computer, beard reaching critical mass, implementing an animation before staring off into the distance and uttering, "Its complete."?
  12. The Bombadiliest

    Why Do You Like Castle Crashers?

  13. The Bombadiliest

    Why Do You Like Castle Crashers?

    Used those as a few examples. So then I'd take your answer to be the sheer fun factor (really the hinge point of any game). Just curious.
  14. The Bombadiliest

    Castle Crashers Freezing Jump Glitch

    Hey Behemoth, I've come across a bug in Castle Crashers during the Parade Level (where the wedding carriage chase scene takes place). Game: Castle Crashers Platform: Xbox 360 Gamertag: Dudemeister213 Bug Name: Jumping Freeze Glitch Severity: Moderate Jumping on carriage and taking damage at the peak of a jump will freeze players in place and make them invincible. The player is unable to move, melee attack, magic attack, or use items, but can pause the game. Melee or magic damage received from any enemy (other than the boss) will trigger the glitch. Have not had the opportunity to be hit by an enemy arrow, but believe it will have the same effect. Player is unable to move, melee attack, magic attack, use items, or enter the pause menu. Results in other players having to defeat the boss or the Xbox 360 to be turned off. Attempts to replicate the glitch are successful only 10% of the time. Affects all tested characters: Mechanic Green Knight Red Knight Orange Knight I've also attached a reference picture (Mechanic is the frozen character).
  15. The Bombadiliest

    No Food In Sight

    Anyone else finding themselves having random cravings at 4 AM? Really want whipped cream covered cheetos with a side of marinara sauce. Alas, there are no consumable forms of sustance readily available in my apartment and not willing to brave the 40 degree chill outside. Any other weird food fixations at the moment?
  16. The Bombadiliest

    No Food In Sight

    Do yo just open the door really quick and throw in the pudding and hope none of them escape? And what would you guys happen to modding?
  17. The Bombadiliest

    Castle Crashers Lego Set Idea

    Up voted and spreadin the word
  18. The Bombadiliest

    Courage The Cowardly Dog

    the only other show that came close to this scary as a child was the Hey Arnold ghost train episode
  19. The Bombadiliest

    Who Here Makes Games?

    So are there any other video game developers/ students perusing these forums? If so, what's your discipline (programming, art, design)? What platforms have you developed for?
  20. The Bombadiliest

    Who Here Makes Games?

    What colleges have you been looking into? And you should try doing some work on a tablet. Blending handdrawing skills with the versatility of digital painting is just awesome.
  21. The Bombadiliest

    Who Here Makes Games?

    Still fun to dabble though. Were you doing textrure work in photoshop, mudbox, Zbrush?
  22. The Bombadiliest

    Behemoth's New Slogan:

    Willing to wait as long as it takes. Should be interesting if they announce anything at comic con this year though. It's their home turf so it wouldn't surprise me.
  23. The Bombadiliest

    Zbrush Shenanigans

    First time making a piece in Zbrush. Don'y believe it's crude but will add pics as spoilers...though it does have a tramp stamp. Feel free to let me know what you think/ critique.
  24. The Bombadiliest

    Zbrush Shenanigans

    why thank you
  25. The Bombadiliest

    E3 2012 Discussion

    Was there this year and didn't see anything of particular interest. Well other than this