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  1. Here are more specs about it, maybe it could help.
  2. My PC its portable, I don't use other keyboard as you can see there. It's model is: "Standart 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard with HP QLB" However, I have a wireless keyboard and I used it to see if the game would recognizes it... It didn't. As you can see I have no emulators installed aswell:
  3. When I reach the loading where it says to press any button: My keyboard (Portable PC) doesn't work! The unique button that works is the mouse button and it's recognized as a XBOX controller... Please help me I got this game from a friend so we could play together and it doesn't work... I can't do anything that doesn't use the mouse and everything is with the xbox controller and I don't even have one... What can I do?