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  1. Are you more of a green knight, blue, red, or orange?
  2. DerrickNX


    Ooooo i got xbox 360 just wondering where to buy so im going to buy now
  3. DerrickNX


    Where do I buy it?
  4. DerrickNX


    how do you get points? *Im a newbie sorry for my questions*
  5. DerrickNX


    Umm..How much would it cost?
  6. okay so does anyone know where to unlock him?
  7. Oh thanks so you can get him after the field?But of course I know the 4 knights are starters..
  8. Does anyone know from the preveiw game if the bee keeper character is a unlock character or you can start with it?
  9. prob green knight or killer bee keeper
  10. Well on youtube I see people playing this game.Is it just a preveiw of it out so no one can get it yet or is it just a movie cause it even says gameplay so im not sure im really confused.
  11. DerrickNX


    So it wont come to pc?
  12. DerrickNX


    Does castle crashers come in a download PC game or cd?Oh and will the game be out in canada?