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    Castle Crashers and all things behemoth (I get everything they put out). Also, Gears of War, 1st generation pokemon, magic the gathering (EDH), and animated movies. I'm a social work major at TCU and I also collect pocket knives :)
  1. I use bear in arena. Saracen might be better at setting up the juggle but I enjoy bear more and like that he has a projectile.
  2. Ill join. 3 99s (bear, industrial knight, purple knight) all raised farming troll mother. Bear is gold skulled and my main. 960 ranked wins. Multiple white skulls. Decent juggling ability. No glitching. Sorry also gamertag is LvL100 Weezing
  3. If you hate leavers, you can face me at anytime! I never leave any match until it is over even if I will certainly lose the game. By the way, my Pink Knight can beat your Hatty into nothing! Add me and we can play whenever. I like Hatty especially since I'm in love with whales but it seems everyones gonna be using him since he's new, so he's just my backup character as I still main purple knight. Regardless my gamertag is LvL100 Weezing
  4. Looking for someone to do insane run with. Level 99 purple knight and soon to be lvl 99 hatty (so happy he's finally out!) already have gold skull bear
  5. This has been on my mind alot. Just because I have like 20 something arcade games. On the one hand. I would hope that Microsoft would be considerate and transfer games between xbox's if not data as well. Maybe even keep the servers running for those game's online features. On the other hand, Microsoft has plenty of money. And I honestly think unfortunately it's going to be more about money. Whichever option means more money for Microsoft is the one their going to take. All the other consoles have serious backwards compatibility though, and Microsoft has a habit of sitting back, watching what everyone does, and then doing it better, so maybe they'll blow us away.
  6. We've been playing castle crashers together already and I have most of the xbox sonic games so you can always hit me up.
  7. Might I say. All this talk of 3ds games has made me cave. I sold a bunch of stuff and Im getting my 3ds next week. I blame all of you...
  8. What console is it for? I was a DIE HARD play everyday fan of monster hunter 1 but have only had a pc and an xbox 360 since then so could never play the others.
  9. Im sorry to hear that. I bet if everyone on the forums donated you one dollar we could save up for a new xbox.I wasn't asking or insisting that... I know. Sorry if I offended I was just playin around.
  10. Im sorry to hear that. I bet if everyone on the forums donated you one dollar we could save up for a new xbox.
  11. Sweet! I've played you before. You kicked my butt. I'm still having trouble juggling like I can staircase buy not at all regularly. And some days I can't juggle at all. But I'd love to practice with a pro.
  12. Hey. I'm really active still on the Arena in the xbox version. I was looking for a group of players to play with once and a while or regularly. I have a mic. I'm cool with floating around the ranked arenas or practicing on the player arenas. Anyway I would really like some people to play with. Send a friend request to LvL100 Weezing and just let me know who you are. To be honest I'm just tired of slapping around new players who are trying the arena for the first time. Since the sale in xbox live everyone online other than ESS beast, bobrayndon, Wolfbane, William Godoy, and narwhal ninja seem to be new players. (If I missed you don't be offended, we either haven't played or I just forgot about you). Anyway I'm really looking forward to some feedback. Everyone looking for some games let me know. By the way. The space in my gamertag is on purpose. It's different than my username here.
  13. I could make a freaking list but I guess the main game that's fun for me that everyone hates is buck bumble for the n64. I realize it was bad but oh I had so much fun with it. -right about now it's time to rock with the biggity buck bumble- Anyone know what I'm talking about? At all?
  14. Sorry, I check the forums on my phone and the response I just quoted was listed as the latest response on the thread. I have no idea why. Sorry to double post, just explaining why it probably seems out of place. Ok it was because I wasn't on the last page. I'm sorry. My foolishness will end here.
  15. Dan has posted in this forum about this within the last few months. He has done everything on his end to get the characters out for ps3 and something is wrong on Sony's end. By his comments, it seems that he doesn't exactly know what sony's deal is. With all the battleblock madness going on, the Steam issues, and the fact this Sony has been really weird about this. I imagine there isn't alot of time to chase Sony around since they don't seem to want to give anyone any answers. The Behemoth is aware of the problem. It's been brought up constantly, and they've shown their concern.