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  1. Thank you... There are 2 only workaround for play in offline: start with steam online and shut down the internet connection replace steam\package folder with an older one and play offline (if you go online the client update and the issue return) UPDATE 9th Feb: steam beta (February 6th) fixed this issue!
  2. Thank you for your answer... Steam cloud is disabled and i've never enabled. I've tried to unistall the game, steam and reinstall. Also I've tried steam beta but nothing changed. in security tab everything it's allowed i've also opened a ticket in your support but then i've found this discussion in steam with other people with the same issue (so i asked to close the ticket because it's not related to the game) the problem is related to all the game that use userdata\"steamid"\"appID" folder for save the game: I've tested with Saints Row IV (same issue and userdata save folder) and dlc quest (no issue and it save in documents folder)... so it's a steam problem after latest update (and not fixed in beta client too) Now i've opened a ticket with steam support and i'm waiting for an answer... maybe you can test with latest steam client and report to valve the problem
  3. Hi all, i've a problem with castle crashers that i didn't notice before... i've recently formatted my pc and reinstalled win 7, steam and (of course) castle crashers.... so i started a new local game with the blacksmith with steam offline mode, and i can succesfully save, exit & continue the game. If i continue the local game with steam online mode i can play with no issue... but the problem starts here: - if i put steam in offline (after i've played local game with steam online) the save are gone and i've to restart the game - if i put again steam in online i can continue my previous game without problem My question is: it's a problem or it's normal for this game? As i remember i didn't noticed before this problem and i'm quite sure that i've played a local game both in online and offline without problem Steam Cloud is disabled in steam option LATEST STEAM BETA SOLVED THE ISSUE