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  1. BoomboxGamingX

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    A C Cret I can get you One month free gold soon
  2. Same I beat chapter1 and not for noobs ok 2 weeks ago and no no playlists have come out I NEED LAVA LAMP!!!!
  3. BoomboxGamingX

    Who Has Every Head!? :d

    oi mate we alstralians are behind because... Resons
  4. BoomboxGamingX

    Selling Star Heads

    I'm giving 3000 for lava lamp 2500 for boom And 3000 for tost I'm trading gems
  5. BoomboxGamingX


    NOSNick I'll give the siren and 10000 gems for lava lamp GT: BoomboxGaming. Tell me if im offering to little at max I'll go 50000 witch is the equivalent 500 trades!
  6. BoomboxGamingX

    Star Head Giveaway - Hooray!

    Gamer Tag : BoomboxGaming Head wanted Lava lamp I know this is a rare head so I'm offering 10,000 gems for it.
  7. BoomboxGamingX

    ★ The Star Head Exchange ★ Open For Business!

    BoomboxGaming 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Week days 12:00 PM - 9:30 PM weekends I'm offering 200 jems for lava lamp and 200 jems for boom ( ill switch to yarn if you want)
  8. BoomboxGamingX

    Player Trading And Gaming Community

    Oh and expect friend requests from BoomboxGaming
  9. BoomboxGamingX

    Player Trading And Gaming Community

    I've been told I'm to nice (unless you insult my family or anything like that) if you do that I will flip! But I don't mind double posting I do it sometimes it's when people spam 54 messages I get annoied and that list is What I DONT have but I do have 50000 gems and I WANT Lava Lamp and Boom my GT is BoomboxGaming
  10. BoomboxGamingX

    My Buy/trade Thread!

    I'm offering 5000 jems or 1000 yarn for lava lamp or boom
  11. BoomboxGamingX

    Gold Skull Count

    I have max money and I believe very good skull but alien hominid plus all gold skulls a lvl99!
  12. BoomboxGamingX

    What Is Your Favorite Star Head?

    I love donut and have played with him so much that my friends nicknamed me Mr. Donut.
  13. BoomboxGamingX

    What Is Your Favorite Star Head?

    I love donut and have played with him so much that my friends nicknamed me Mr. Donut.
  14. BoomboxGamingX

    My Buy/trade Thread!

    My list has changed again I apollogize for my spamming comments but people plz respond my list of star heads I need Lava lamp, boom, wheels, peeps, steamroll 1&2, FBI 1&2, man birth, Triple threat, Final unicorn,50% off, Mr. Pump, Toast, Tiny monkey & cyclops, Alien Hominoid, Castle Crashers, Swamp pro, Theif, Barbarian, Bukle your Pants, Cat control, The Dad, Siren, Cecil, Gerald, little feet, Turkey, Bahemoth Chicken, I see you, Scuba Diver, and many I cant think of. If you want to give these heads for free that would be great! But if you don't want to That's totally ok! We can work out a trade! My Gamertag is BoomboxGaming. Sending me a mesage telling what head you want and what head your offering is helpful! After trades I play color the world online you can join in if you want! I'm willing to trade Paul and king for boom or lava lamp
  15. BoomboxGamingX

    Player Trading And Gaming Community

    Here you can plan trades and meet pepole to play with on XBLA. We have few rules: 1: No cursing- keep the language clean this topic is supposed to be fun 2 No spamming it gets annoying and trust me you don't want to be the guy that everyone yells at for spamming I've been there (don't ask) 3 don't be a troll I lost my peebody to a troll if I see a coment leek this: ha ha Trolllolololol etc. you will be banned from posting for 5 days.