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  1. And thus, the legend of jamma003 at the behemoth forums has ended as quickly as it began. goodbye friends!

  2. Im not sure how you can scam someone giving out things for free, but alas... Ill add you today at some point.
  3. From what I know, both the expansions were released as free updates for PC. Xbox still has to pay though
  4. I got both of the demo's for the original game and the MMO version, I can see how its funny and all, but theres not really any lasting appeal to either game. Once you've ran around, picked up all the trophies, broken a few server rooms (Ill admit, that was good), and thrown yourself around the map in a jet pack, thats it. Game over. Maybe Im wrong though, after all, its only a demo I have.
  5. Well, Im not that great at Photoshop, but thanks to the Internet, I was able to recruit someone who was. Behold the Shialduin. My thanks go out to Riodaux of Reddit, who helped make my idea reality. EDIT: Easier-to-see version included:
  6. Aw I missed it... My moneys on Larry though. Go Larry!
  7. This game alone is the turning point. I went from not wanting an Xbone, to not only wanting it, but NEEDING it!
  8. Can you imagine the Pokemon champions phone, or Pokemon account details? Must be worth a heck of a lot to the right buyer. Pokemon black markets are go. And you know we're gonna end up with a Team Rocket-like organisation, stealing peoples phones as a group.
  9. How is this gonna work with the type distribution? Most types are pretty easy to figure out (grass in plains, water in.... water etc) but what about things like Dark, and Ghost? Are we headed into haunted houses for these or what? What about Ice? Nowhere is really snow-capped all year round, bar extreme northern/southern areas, and the two poles. Or mountains I suppose.
  10. Another great guide You really have this game pwned... I think you should start a root topic with links to all these "branches" or something. It would make navigation easier and you can just add the links to new guides if/when you make them.
  11. Just a quick thought... Are you only counting each INDIVIDUAL player in the survey? If you run into the same player who is using the same character as last time, it might skew the results. Not by much though, unless you find the same player 40 times...
  12. I tend to base levels on one specific idea, and just put in themed puzzles/parkour. I have a soul snatcher game map which takes place in an incinerator, where rocks fall from the right, follow the conveyor, then fall in a fire pit and respawn at the right. Simple but it really works. Lots of strategy with what you can do with the rocks. You can probably put similar ideas into a co-op game.
  13. I wish I was this good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cawsFOHBCSo
  14. Im usually on from 12pm - 6pm, UK time. GT: Jamma003 My internet is A-grade crud though, so I might keep disconnecting.
  15. Jamma003

    Best Pokemon

    I have been stuck in Gen IV since Gen IV even came out..... easily, my favourites are Blaziken and Electivire. But, the 3 headed dragon from Gen V is cool. The pictures are huge and I am Spoiler_tag-Challenged, so Im not gonna put them here...