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  1. I hate Lava World with a passion, it feels like two levels forced together into a single level's slot and the Cyclops Cave comes in a close second.
  2. The king, the necromancer and the chainsaw has been confirmed as DLC. And hopefully there's more on the way
  3. Wasn't there already a thread like this? My gamertag is in my sig, add me if you want.
  4. It's not that hard to get the sword, just stay near the boss when he dies
  5. You need at least one achievement earned on alien hominid for him to show up in castle crashers
  6. Mines froze as soon as you started digging, so I had to reboot the xbox.
  7. Wasn't that related to digging a hole in the ground or something? And everyone playing froze so that might have been a problem with the game.
  8. somewhere with the *highlight for teh spoilers* dark wizard's tower, up to the dark knight/necromancer, not sure how far the rabbit hole goes btw does anyone know how much farther it goes after this?
  9. by the way i just wanted to mention i love all of you peace out
  10. 6% done So excited I hope to see some of you guys online : )
  11. uh you know he's joking right?
  12. yep, 4 in the morning over here sun still not up getting sleepy
  13. If it does I will take a flaming dagger and drive it through my right eyeball
  14. So close, yet so far away... Only ten more minutes!