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  1. I'm all for a CTF Arena on CC2. Definitely awesome.
  2. Shafted


    This game is pretty fantastic.
  3. Lol. I wasn't just saying it looks cool. Ice magic in general is pretty effective.
  4. Yeah, I think three is a good number. 4 if we're lucky.
  5. I'm expecting more Arena levels, maybe a free character or two. But I wouldn't be opposed to paying for new maps, as long as they're good. Why wouldn't they be?
  6. They said in an interview that you can have any combination of system and online players.
  7. I would definitely be up for it, mostly for the PvP aspect of CC. Of course I'm gonna max out my character before that, but still.
  8. True, but freezing and such always seems to work great in a 1v1 setting.
  9. I'm personally thinking it might be Blue Knight, because his magic looks great.