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  1. Does anyone on XBLA know the tag Popular Games? I just want to know if he's real or a bot. His or her skill isī¼unparalleled. And, it kind of makes me mad. Their head face is not one you can unlock.
  2. got the Sophia and Gluten pins at PAX this year. Meeting Stamper and Fulp was kinda cool, too. =) the Game 4 demo was awesome, well worth the 1.5 hour wait. Gonna miss the lever they had for the demo when its finally released.
  3. are the cats stamping the clipboard left handed(or southpawed, teehee) because Dan Paladin is a lefty? Or just because it looked better than the right hand doing the stamping?
  4. brand new 3DS and free food from Wendys. Pretty good for Friday the 13th.

    1. Mangle


      That is good. My Friday the 13th is also good considering Spring Break has started. No school for one week! :D

    2. Morg


      Nice man, nothing spectacular happened for me but ah well

    3. BehemothChicken
  5. I like to borrow a line from this when I'm at work: "Its really simple. Do this as fast as possible without dying or messing up.". My kid and I quote BBT at least once a day, so its hard to pick a favorite.
  6. Mega man 1-5, mega man x 1 & 2, any and all o.g. Square soft(Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger at the top of that list), old Enix games, all the Katamaris except for the PSP and Vita, because I never played them, Persona 1-4, Tales of Vesperia, and of course, The Behemoth. Hall of Dudes is my ringtone, after all. Oh, and the Guilty Gear games, too. I love those tracks.
  7. Is it weird I really enjoyed these levels? Dude(or madame) got 5 Stars from me.
  8. Me and my sister did it once...it turned out sort of ok?
  9. oi, I'm 31. My daughters in the 11-15 age group. should I be on here? feeling kinda out of place after seeing the most popular age group on here.
  10. My first name rhymes with feather. My attempt at geing clever, i suppose.
  11. im RhymesWitFeather(take a guess as to what my name might be...) I love all things Behemoth, and I just got back from PAX East, where I met Tom and Will, and finally got my kiss for getting the best time! Swoon!
  12. i feel less like a dummy now. thanks for the delicious info.