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  1. I still have my Genesis but I do not own TJ&E games, but I rented them a lot back in those days. I own Streets of Rage 1 btw. If you don't know yet the fan made tribute about SoR, just check their forums, it's an awesome free game (Streets of Rage Remake). Hey, have a good game! If you ever need some recommendations for your "new" console, let me know. It was my second and most loved one. ;D
  2. Kormann


    Is the X360 or PS3 reboot any good? I loved the Genesis / Megadrive one.
  3. I have never played any DMC. I should give the new DMC Reboot a try, I got it on PSN+ a long time ago.
  4. Nice to hear it from you @Dropped your Pocket Since the beginning I wanted not to make a spam, I just wanted to make this "information" available so people that were interested in games related to this one in someway, would not be misinformed. I'm glad I helped and you could be part of it. There were some communities of indie games (tip: of some really famous and recent games) that mods did not tolerated this and removed my threads without even noticing me. Which I think it's very agressive, I just couldn't understand. In the other hand, Behemoth mod from Steam adviced me to come here and spread the word. I must thanks for your friendly support to other indie fellows. Behemoth forums got my respect. Going back to TJ&E: Finally we got 508K and reached 3 stretch goals! TJ&E classic, Hyperfunkzone, Latisha, TJ cousin and Earl mom. It ended well. Those that want to pledge more or are late for Kickstarter, wait for their Paypal link that they are setting up. It will be open for 2 weeks after their new announcement. That will be your last opportunity to reach other stetch goals, pre-purchase the game, get addons like figures, etc. Wait for more updates here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toejam-and-Earl/352129104945409 And over their future website that they are still developing: http://tjebackinthegroove.com/ My best regards, Kormann
  5. Just for your information guys, the game got funded and we are close to the third stretch goal ($479,144 of $500,000) with 5 hours left of campaign.
  6. Sega of America always f*** everything. Streets of Rage 3 for Genesis was awful because it was censored (The Japanese is the full and real version a.k.a. Bare Knuckle 3), Streets of Rage 4 for example wasn't developed for Dreamcast because a guy didn't know it was a big hit for Sega in the past. Because of Sega Toejam & Earl 3 turnt into a Donkey Kong 64 clone basicly (that's what people say, I didn't play it 'cause I don't have an Xbox classic). Vectorman for PS2 was also cancelled because of them, for unknow reasons. Sega of America was also the reason they spent money with 32X, right? Look the mess they did! The only things that they really did right was the aggressive marketing versus nintendo in the past and if I remember they were the guys behind Sonic 2 (Sonic CD was being developed at the same time by the same Sonic 1 team from Japan).
  7. @MorgLikesGames, I have the original tune as a ringtone too. But nowadays my ringtone is the first level music from Kid Chameleon, the Woods. I think they are going to hit the goal, they added lot's of addons for those that want to pledge more. I'm also excited but it will take a long road till it's fully realeased. I don't know if I can wait that much. Thanks that I have a lot of games to play till it's released.
  8. MorgLikesGames, I did not know about this glitch ever O_O I think that Sonic fans can only agree that the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive trilogy is the best. The rest everyone or hates it or loves it. Nothing in between.
  9. Hmmm it's not a good news for Silent Hills then.
  10. I'm very excited for MGS V. I don't get it, is Kojima out of Konami? Or now is Konami just a publisher for Kojima games?
  11. Play Sonic Heroes, it's awesome. It's a shame it didn't have a sequel.
  12. I want a multiplayer co-op shoot'em up inspired by Contra, Rolling Thunder and Sunset Riders. Of course with lots of humor, comedy and attitude. Great 2D graphic style too! PS.: Steam release and for consoles too.
  13. I don't know if this was copy pasted or if you don't know were Behemoth fans not Sega fans. Anyways its pretty cool that Toejam and Earl are coming back, we don't have cool characters like that around anymore. I don't think I'll invest just because I'm not a fan of the gameplay, but all the power to the developers from revivng those guys! I wrote Sega fans because two of the best beat'em up franchises came from them, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. Beat'em ups came from the arcades and Sega Genesis was targeted at arcade lovers. I bought Castle Crashers because Behemoth was in some way inspired by those games and developed a great game. Usually who loves Castle Crashers loved those old games. This is why I had to share with you guys. By the way, guys that like Castle Crashers humor and comedy and like some roguelike aspects of Don't Starve from Klei, will love Toejam & Earl. TJ&E was one of the first games that used comedy back in the day. I thank it because after it we had lots of funny games like Earthworm Jim, Boogerman, Leisure Larry Suit Adventure, etc, and finally Castle Crashers. Ya it's nice to see a classic reviving. I heard that Clayfighter and even Battletoads are coming back. Thanks understanding the fan promotion thing ;D
  14. Hello guys, if you loved the golden era of Sega Mega-Drive Genesis or you like coop and comedy games you should Back this project. ToeJam & Earl fans unite! This time Sega won't be publishing this game, as indies it now depends on us funding the creators and real owners of this game (Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger) with Kickstarter. The game revisits the format of the original game, featuring 2D character models on 3D worlds with overhead perspective, and is planned to support local coop and online multiplayer up to 4 players. It will feature old and new earthlings (enemies), presents (items) and added gameplay mechanics: - Some multiplayer only presents like "switch bodies" as it says, switch the players positions so it can be a good or bad thing; - Cooperative moves like Toejam going over the shoulder of Earl and use a tomatoe machinegun; - Each character will have it's unique stats so the gameplay from a character to another will be a different experience; - There will be hats that you can wear to boost your stats; - You can improve your character, some of the items can be carried between game sessions; - There will be rhythm gameplay like toejam & earl 2 and if reaches the stretch goal, they will add the Hyperfunk Zone too. - And much more... The game will be DRM-Free as promised by the devs. Short animated music video promoting the game Fan testimonials video about Toejam and Earl Toejam and Earl was a hit in 1991, an action game that was beyond it's time, was one of the first roguelike games, had random worlds, comedy, jokes, lots of good funk music, fun factor and it had a unique personality. All of that with splitscreen cooperative gameplay. More info: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/toejamandearl/toejamandearl.htm At it's Kickstarter page there is some videos and some screenshots of its very early prototype of this new sequel. That's why you must understand that it's not the final look, but only a concept of the working gameplay. It will be released first for PC (Linux, Mac and Windows) and if it reaches stretch goals versions for videogame consoles will be ported sooner than it would be: PS4, XboxONE e WiiU. Screenshot of early prototype concept At this very moment the campaign reached 76% of it's goal of US$ 400.000. We only have 1 week left! Let's make it happen! Now, don't forget to BACK and SPREAD THE WORD about this good news. URL :: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578116861/toejam-and-earl-back-in-the-groove They also have many updates on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toejam-and-Earl/352129104945409 If you have any questions ask the creators at kickstarter or over their facebook. They are really cool. Cheers! PS: I hope it isn't a problem to promote this beloved indie game to Sega fans. Sorry if it was.
  15. My idea is that the new DLCs must be available also to PSN and Steam