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  1. Sorry I havn't done any requests, been very busy with coursework! M80 You asked for one a while age so here you are! I also did one a while back for a man called HyperNinja More coming soon!
  2. I think I mentioned before that the game is on hold for the moment, however a second game is being created and I have a very small (and just awful) demo for you to try. It's very early but I'm trying to set my sights a little low for the moment, was in a little over my head before.
  3. The Behemoth is an independent video game developer and publisher founded by John Baez, Dan Paladin, and Tom Fulp. We specialize in making memorable experiences that are both fun to play and beautiful to look at. We are headquartered in San Diego, California, and create original properties that are developed and published in-house. Our mission is to make video games and toys that make your brains explode!
  4. As you were my first request, I apologise for not doing you sooner:
  5. Because I'm so hilarious and my sense of humour is unparalleled I envisioned you as this:
  6. I sure can. Sorry to the people who asked before him but I had some instant ideas when I saw his name.
  7. Okay, so this is my third ever thread, and in this one I'm gonna do something a little different. Instead of dedicating huge portions of time (which I can no longer do with school coming up) I wanted to do a little side project that will help me regularly pump out images and help hone my artistic skills. Ask me to draw... anything. If it's a random thought, something you just saw, ANYTHING... and I will draw it as fast and as humerously as I can. This spontaneous drawing is really helping me with creativety, so the more suggestions, the better! Note that these drawings will most likely look awful and lack both colour and detail. Enjoy! You will see things like this:
  8. Haha I was listening to hat films, they do some work with the yogscast and I think they're hilarious. I animated the archer and put him against the mage, take a look: He feels a little empty so let me know what I could further animate on him NOTE: We did it! The main menu is pretty much done (just a few more buttons) let me know what you think! I'll try and upload the animated version soon It is divided into three sections, menu, settings and load screen
  9. Never really done a proper animation in detail, thought I do the line work for one I might do. It's a fanimation for the game awesomenauts if you've heard of it
  10. Game has stopped for the moment due to issues with programming, but I animated a mage in some spare time, is lookinh pretty sweet and might actually go towards a second game idea. Also muse was playing at the time of the recording :3
  11. Guess who's back, coursework is finally over and I can get some more work done on this thing. I've done some work on creating the main menu, I'm a bit sceptical of it at the moment so tell me what you think Almost made a double post, phew. Made another version of the menu, let me know which one you think looks better.
  12. This handsome fellow is for the app I have to create
  13. An image for coursework, parody of the film UP. Kinda liked it so I thought I'd share it. Aw heck I'll share em all
  14. Just as well show this one I did a while ago too
  15. Found some time to do a quick speed art for the design of the games logo, check it out. EDIT: It doesn't begin until around 1 minute into the video if you're wondering why there is a black screen, and all the times you see youtube is because my pen pressure was bugging out and I had to keep re-opening flash