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  1. Can I get a sig, and avatar of Grey Knight with his eye-protector on his helmet up? So you see his eyes . Can I get him standing in the forest, near some bandits (That don't see him). Make him wield a sword. For Avatar, just the head of him.
  2. Phrap

    A present for Dan.

    A good looping start, I animate a bit, myself.
  3. I launch an arrow at Thief1, aiming for his head!
  4. Mmk, I'll be grey knight then. Add me to the party when ya can.
  5. May I join in? Name: Phrap Gender: Male Color: Grey Weapon: Spear Magic: Arrows, and Bombs. AoE: Shower of arrows. Personality: Optimistic Stats: Magic: 1 Agility: 2 Strength: 1