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    and also, reading, castle crashing, and finding out whats up with all those fed's holding "NOTHING TO SEE HERE" that an alien?
  1. I got mine when I was making a PS3 account for the first time, when I was around 10 years old. I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, so that's how Clone happened, and XG just sorta popped in my head, but I never really knew from where. But, years later, I saw the XG on my mom's license plate, and so uh... that's how it happened. My name is based of Star Wars and my Mother's car / .
  2. This has now gotten out of hand into the 'I got into the beta!' thread. Lets try not to brag, guys, better to not rub it in to the ones who didn't get so fortunate.
  3. It's under the 'Other Stuff' section, but seeing as how you got that awesome Z, you probably have already seen it
  4. Well, the thing that's kinda bothering me is that a lot of you guys who've said 'I can't wait to be memberz!' Who now are, and I'm just sitting ere, waiting D:
  5. Alright, thanks guys! Poor Behemoth Employees/Other Random People, having to set up each person one at a time. Also, here is a ninja for your helpfulness:
  6. Hey, I really hate to bother anyone, and I don't want to sound braggy, but I got into the Battle Block Theater beta, and I was told to go to the Private beta forums-area, but I cant seem to find it. Can any of you other beta guys help me out?
  7. I dunno about you guys, but this one time I was one with this kid who kept screaming at his mother, and that kept happening until the pont where I just felt so annoyed that I told him off... He screamed at me for a bit and left... He also sounded like he was 8.
  8. Due to having the same problem, i'll just put this post right here (also, to make this post relevant, thanks for the help, I was having the same problem)
  9. I Honestly am not a big fan of Wii Fit, its always angry at me like "Oh, you can't stand perfectly still for a whole minute, you suck" and I'm just standing there, watching my sister do it. WHY WII FIT, WHY!?!
  10. Just got into the beta!! :P