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  1. oh,sorry for not replying.Right now I can't test what you said me to try. When I will be able i'll say you if it works.
  2. "Delete Castle Crashers AND the DLC from your Xbox." All the DLC? even the one working? "Start the game and then restart your system." Start it,like,just start and when it finished to load restart?Or play a bit?
  3. So yeah,I don't know why,I couldn't reply.So,as I was about to say to megan,last time I played,they were working
  4. masternat


    Unrealeased beta...that means it's never been completed?
  5. masternat


    Yeah,played Mother 3 too. Great game ^^ I heard some people will do a fan-made mother 4.Well,I did not heard,I sew the website. Anyway...Mother 64 was a true game???I tough it was only a myth some random people said fos some random reason...
  6. So yeah.I buyed these DLC a while ago,because I really liked Castle crasher (on my old xbox 360) Now,I got a new Xbox,I buyed the 2 new DLCs (Pink knight and legendary knight) but when I start castle crashers I get the error of the DLC not working.It's only happening to King and Necro,not the 2 others one. I tried to redownload multiple times but still not working I can try to give more information if needed. Please help.
  7. Yeah,well,being not able to do a new thread,i'm posting here.I got the "DLC not showing up" 2 times.King and evil DLC (pets,weapons,characters...I don't remember the name correctly so yeah) So yeah.I can give more information,but i'll wait,I don't know if im in the good thread,if i'm bumping an old one or something. If I do (if i'm not in a good one) Then I guess that a mod could delete my post and redirect me to a good one or something.