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  1. I'm pretty bad a Juggling, but now I need to learn it to beat the Necromancer on Insane mode so yeah... I also need a few general tips... Such as, the only juggling I can do is the Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle. And I often end up losing the juggle pretty fast. I can't do the thing where you juggle without hitting any enemies to stay in the air and I can't do that thing where you juggle Demons. I'm playing on Playstation and I dont know what the X/Y buttons on Xbox are on Playstation, so yeah... If possible please tell me what button order for the juggle in mid-air and the demon-juggle is. ._.
  2. I dont see any reason for me, myself to buy this. I have to start all over again and i cant play it on my PS3 like im used to. And i never play minigames and i cant even see the difference between this one and the old one with the graphics. They should atleast add a few more weapons, pets, 2 more characters and atleast 3 bonus lvls with a boss battle at the end. If not, then im not going to buy this game just to lvl up 4 characters to lvl 99 and unlock every character and complete insane mode from the beginning again.
  3. Thanks for giving me some more tips, right now im trying to follow Very Bad Player's guide on how to beat the necromancer( I am trying to do most of what he tells in his guide and i have also tried to do what you told me, but i am just too bad i guess. .-.
  4. I play on a PS3, so i dont know if is possible to play with someone who plays on an Xbox. I am playing as a LvL 99 Industrialist, since i am not that good at juggling you will mostly see me running desperately through the room spamming magic everywhere while trying to survive. My name on PS3 is NooboNut(I dont know how to change my name .-.)
  5. So i got this idea for a Skeleton animal orb, The name of the animal orb will be Skeletony(Skele and Tony, get it..?) The orb will give you a crit chance, wich makes it so if you have a weapon eqquiped that also gives you a crit chance then you will crit twice as often as before. If this animal orb would be in the game, i think that it could be included in a DLC pack for Game 4, or if not, then the animal orb could be obtained by digging behind the purple crystal in the Necromancer's purple crystal room. I tried to make this image on how the animal orb could look like, yes i know, i suck at drawing on a computer.
  6. Making it avaible for PS3 and PS4 could be nice.
  7. Oh wait! It is possible to buy them on PS3 in DLC packs! I had actully searched for them when they were released for Xbox, but for some reason they didnt come up, but now when i searched for them again i found them!
  8. Wow! Thanks alot for taking your time to write all this, with this i might actully be able to comlete the Necromancer fight on insane mode solo! Thanks!
  9. Currently you can unlock the Necromancer, the King, the Open Helmet Grey Knight and the Cult Minion by completing some of the levels on insane mode on Play Station, but you cannot get Hatty, the Pink Knight or the Blacksmith on Play Station. It is sad .-.
  10. Making a DLC pack for Play Station or make it so you can obtain them ingame would be really really awesome for us who plays on a Play Station. If they should make it so they will be avaible ingame then i have some suggestions for that. Such as, Hatty would be unlocked by having 15000+ gold on a character. The Pink Knight would be unlocked by completing the final level on insane mode, and finally the Blacksmith would be unlocked by collecting every single weapon in the game(DLC weapons not included) and then complete the Sand Castle Roof level.
  11. YES IT WORKS! Thanks!! Now i just have to practice it until i learn it!
  12. So i have been trying to practice this juggling thing for a while now, and i just cant get it.. I've heard that you jump, then press Y to knock the enemy up into the air, and then you spam XXYY while moving back and forward. But everytime when i hit them with XXYY and they get knocked back into the ground they dont get knocked back up high enough so i cannot hit them anymore. Any tips..?
  13. If you're using Spiky or Spiny(the animal orb that gives you 2+ defense) and The Sword of Evil at the same time it gives you 9+ defense, i used this to complete the Sand Castle Roof level, and it made it so i could survive 4 hits from the enemies instead of just 3. And if you're looking to do arrow spamming but still want a high defense stat, then The Sword of Evil are the way to go. Other than that i would agree with you that the Wooden Club is better than The Sword of Evil.
  14. My favourite character is the Industrialist, the Civillian and The Blacksmith, i dont have the Blacksmith tho .-. My favourite weapon is probaly the Ice Sword thingy, even tho the sword is pretty bad and i never ever use it, i still like it because it looks so cool.