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  1. BoG

    Comic Collab

    So, is this still alive?
  2. Eat dinner, play some Team Fortress, go to bed early. Unfortunately I have to head to school an hour early because of the long commute. I get done at 1:45 then head home, so I'll play CC as soon as I get home.
  3. BoG

    Comic Collab

    Grunt, honestly, just forget about it. If all you are going to do is complain, your presence isn't wanted. We all have our own ideas that we are drawing up by ourselves. If you have neither ideas nor want to put an effort into it, then it doesn't matter enough to you to be a part of this project.
  4. BoG

    Comic Collab

    Thanks for the compliments about Alan! Anyways, Grunt, you need to lighten up. Dex here is trying his absolute hardest to accommodate to you, and you are just giving him crap. You need to grow up a little and just throw some rough concept art at him or SOMETHING, by now most people would have just ignored you.
  5. BoG

    Comic Collab

    This is Alan Tater, P.I. Yes, he is a potato. Yes, he is a private investigator. His personality is like the detectives in old detective movies, like the Maltese Falcon and such. He wields a six shooter and a riot stick. Having a gun makes him a formidable foe at range, but a silly plastic stick is really no match for most swords. He is smart, and a good magic user (using plant and earth related magic, as he was born from a plant and comes from the ground), and his days as a private eye make him sneaky, so he can disappear in battle to escape foes. Unfortunately, he is a potato, which most living things find delicious baked, so enemies tend to focus more on him then others, because he looks so delicious. Behold, Alan Tater:
  6. I only wish that Wednesday wasn't the second day for most all of my classes. I'll likely download it before I begin my long commute, but I am pretty sure that i won't be playing it until after school. You can't move that fast at 5 in the morning.
  7. BoG

    Comic Collab

    Question: Should we worry about the theme? Should I be sticking to a medieval style, or is anything game?
  8. BoG

    Comic Collab

    This is a very cool idea. I'm going to come up with a character, and draw him up in paint. Has any deadline been set yet?
  9. Does it matter if I use paint? I have and always will draw things in paint. I have a character I imagined up one boring day in my final year of high school, does anyone care if they have no idea what it is that I submit? I drew it up today in the style of one of the animal orbs, and I like it. Anyways, this is my little bird, Alfredo. ...well, it won't let me post the image for some reason, so I'll just post a URL.
  10. I am an 18 year old caucasian class homosapien living in the United States region of planet Earth.
  11. I am new user, and I like game. I will play game when released. Thank you for time.