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  1. My steam name is CatsLikeTheBehemoth, or CatsWantGMod. I play as Hatty. (my only insane mode knight, level 66 right now) add me because i am too lazy to add you
  2. The best technique (which I myself use when fighting necromancer) is to hold up your shield, and projectile him, wait till he rises, and right after he rises, projectile him again. Repeat this until he dies.
  3. The Cat Guard magic will be: Splash = A yarn whip unraveling from a held ball. Projectile + Air Drop = Similar to the Pink Knights stuffed animals, Cat Guard throws yarn balls. Magic Jump = A gem or yarn erupting from the ground, lifting the Cat Guard upwards.
  4. I was thinking for steam that if you beat the game with Hatty Hattington, you'd get a Cat Guard Character. I have ideas for weapons and also magic.