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  1. Banned for not banning anyone
  2. Banned for wanting people to join you n the first place
  3. Banned for not joining him
  4. Banned for not giving proper reasons
  5. Banned for not knowing someone broke into my YT account and made that
  6. Banned for blaming stuff on me
  7. Banned for not realizing I like almost any font except Comic Sans
  8. Banned for using the font nobody likes
  9. Banned for being jealous of Sans
  10. Banned for Metal Gear Solid reference
  11. Banned for arguments entirely
  12. Banned for not knowing I went offline and didn't see the posts until now
  13. Banned for even remembering that.
  14. Banned for mentally scarring that patient for life
  15. That is impossible because how are you gonna create that? The Behemoth programmed the heads that are already in the game to have the certain colors they have. That is too difficult for us to be able to do so it is impossible...
  16. Banned for making no sense