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  1. It looks lime I'm close to the last level, just me myself and I, my friend fell asleep... Im whiped out but I musnt stop!!! btw, anyone have a guide on unlockin characters???
  2. my game doesn't allow me to save because I have to storage units (Harddrive and MU). Also, I'm pissed because I fell asleep 10 minutes before it came out so I missed out on hours of gameplay, I woke up and I was like OMFG CC GAHhh
  3. YEA WTF! I got my knight to level 15 and decided to put my CC on my memory card to go play with my bro and I lost everything!!! GAH IM ANGRY...PS how do iget the troll pet in the thieves forest, I can see him but he's behind a wall
  4. Ok can we all settle this!?? 1 AM Pacific Time!! 4 AM EASTERN TIME (my time in NY) now please stop with these ridiculous topics on the release hour? :/ not being a jerk just setting things straight
  5. I'm 16 turning 17 in Nov, I'm hanging on to 16 as long as I can...I don't wann gwow up =(
  6. hehe since I don't have school till september 2nd (woot hs senior!) I think I'm gonna stay up and play BC Rearmed!!! as I weep and cry the closer CC approaches
  7. nah* and so* sorry my iPod touch changes the damn spelling, it sucks
  8. im gonna play with myself nab I'll be playing with my 2 buddies and my bro soot it's so close!!!
  9. hey I'm phill from new York, and my fave crashed is the killer bee keeeper, favorite animal orb is probably the bitey bat or seahorse.....and er for the next few months or so castle crashers will be my life!!!
  10. As cOld aS iCeE just tell me ur from the forums if u request me oh and i plan on playing as the Killer Bee Keeper buahaha >=D
  11. YEAAA im gonna stay up till 4a.m. (damned eastern time) until it comes out, it's not releasing 12:00 am btw guys, the xblm updates at 1a.m. pacific time no matter what, so central time thats 2a.m. and eastern its 4a.m. if i'm correct. ANYWAY, to pass the time, today will be a MOVIETHON/PORNATHON!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOS WITH ME?!
  12. this scks because I anticipate this game so badly and when it comes out I'm gonna be let down, no matter how perfect it is, I have a vision of this game being greater than Jesus in my mind, it happens with all the games I want