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  1. I wonder if, since castle crashers remasteded didn't have a bonus for previous games, cause their now available to evergone, would pit people receive bonuses from previous titles? If it does I could only see castle crashers remastered giving it a bonus. Or as I said would backwards compatibility somehow come to save the day?
  2. Banned for not using quotes
  3. I don't think Remastered will get a PC release until much later after the initial XBone release. BBT was exclusive to 360 for a while before it was released on Steam, so this will probably share a similar fate. From what I've heard it will be realeased generally around the same time as Xbox but don't quote me on that.
  4. What Else I'm hoping for is some references/eastereggs to other games like a campanion cube head or turret head (I like portal XD).
  5. I'd love for 360 achievements to cross over to Xbox one games, that'd be great
  6. I agree with you I hope they either give a customization from previous titles like in Battleblock or a new character like in Castle Crashers, either or would be great just hope backwards compatibility will help us get DLC from all of their previous titles.
  7. Would the Pit People only have DLC from Castle Crashers: Remastered or will the backwards compatibility with the Xbox one somehow help us get DLC from previous titles, also would there be separate DLC for the original Castle Crashers and the Remastered if DLC comes from games through backwards compatibility?
  8. I personally doubt that they will because usually when a game is remastered the don't add things to the main story via items or mission/levels usually it's just better graphics and sometimes a new game mode. But as said above dlc could be possible.
  9. What I hope would be in this upcoming game, are some playable characters from their past games! These are the ones I personally hope to see: The main or unlockable protagonist(s) from CC & AH, Hatty, The Cat Guards (BBT Steam Vesion), The Raccalope (BBT), Duckshark (BBT), Rocket launcher robot (BBT), The Frog Bomb (even if it was a weapon it was awesome), and The King (CC)!
  10. Speaking about the backward compatibility do you think you would be able to play the original castle crashers with it?
  11. Since me and my brother played through castle crashers but only one of us owned the game, when we get Battleblock Theater would we both get the Castle Crasher head or would only the person who has the game on their account get it?
  12. But what do you think would happen to the Battleblock Theater DLC (Can't Stop Crying DLC), since you needed to buy Battleblock to get it would it be available to buy or would you not be able to get it any more?
  13. With the new castle crashers coming out will we be able to transfer the DLC we have already bought, also with the Xbox one Remasted will we still have the Battleblock Theater DLC?