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  1. I think they should just make something like MCC. Except way less buggy.. call it.. the Behemoth Collection! or Aliens, Knights, Prisoners, and more Knights
  2. xbla cats have no love .n. sure the steam cats lick and rub but xbla just want to get the job done
  3. So Hattington slayed a god.. add to smash bros pls I want to destroy with Hattington
  4. Square squid head FTW Truth, it feels like the Cylinder heads were all barely thought about and didn't have much effort. I think Triangle by far look better than the other types of heads, as a whole. I feel like some of the cylinders have the most effort. I mean even animated ones are in there.
  5. ohmygod Game 4 got a name and I didn't even know .o.
  6. Here's my scroll: I've got two new dragons, a purple dino, a Dorkface, and a leetle tree ^u^ also a bunch of uncommons
  7. Recently, a family member broke my Xbox. We're getting a new power box to fix and so I was wondering. Will all of my previous still be on my account?
  8. Looking for BOOM! I have: Hooshmand the Wise Mr.Bobbins Cyber Monday Steamroll Victim #2 Tooth Brush Snail (I think everyone has that though) Toast Cat Control and Peeps My GT is: nanoshark987 (Tell me if I did something wrong, I'm new to the forums!)
  9. I want all enemies playable, because I hate it when there's this cute little enemy that you can't play. And I want BBT, AH, and CC characters. (I think they already have a duckshark enemy)
  10. 1. I think all of the people in the Hall of Dudes were killed by the chair. Because Furbottom died after sitting in the chair and Hatty was fine (he was so fine he imprisoned you) until he started sitting around all day. So maybe the chair is cursed or the cats do something to the Dude when he sits in the chair. 2. I think BBT and Game 4 are connected because at the end you see the bear was shot in the eye by Hatty (or the hat) and in the Game 4 20 minutes it looks like the bear has no eye. So I think Hatty caused the world to go crazy.
  11. He seems like a cat but he's just a prisoner like you. You can tell because he insults the cats all the time and experiences sadness when he finds out Hatty is paralyzed/unconscious/ in a coma.
  12. MORE! BIGGER! HARDER! THATS WHAT SHE S- I mean uh.. And if rearrange the letters it spells peeslosh!..That last part probably wasn't necessary..