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  1. I couldnt get the image to work and i dont know how to delete posts
  2. A double post and a bump at the same time? ladies and gentlemen, we have a rebel.
  3. Im not sure what one cecil is, but im sure that i have it and ill trade you cecil for the thief. Isnt cecil the one with the melting face? Edit: i have checked, and i don't have cecil. Sorry
  4. I will paint you into a corner

  5. I will paint you ino a corner

  6. Most of these dont do anything major, but here are some random bugs i found with bosses. The weapon bag for the unicorn horn bugs out a lot, and most of the time it turns into a sandwich or bow and arrow. Sometimes the cutscene for the painter's death doesnt happen properly, and you can freely move around the entire room. Sometimes, the ice king's icicle rain attack doesnt happen, and you get to attack him untill he does it again. The dragon's sock puppet can still attack after the dragon dies, if you get up to it quick enough. The conehead groom can come off his organ, only to go back on without attacking. And the one half the internet knows about: the industrial machine xp glitch. Also its not really a boss, but i have died because the volleyball team hit me as well as the ball. I dont have proof, but i have seen all of these glitches happen. Edit: when you kill the undead cyclops, the inside of the coffin goes past the edge of the coffin.
  7. I have the rubber handled sword on the xbox 360 version
  8. Im hoping that there's more than just references to main characters from other behemoth games, and since it is shown from previews that both types of half cyclops and cyclops exist, i'd love to see a reference to the cyclops/undead cyclops from CC.